Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Bride-To-Be Q & A: Taylor

Good morning fellow bloggers! I hope you all are enjoying this Wedding Q&A series with Brides and Brides-To-Be as much as I am! Today on the blog we have Taylor from Cup of T sharing her wedding planning experience so far! 

When is your wedding?
March 7! My fiancé is in dental school, so we had extremely limited options if we wanted to have a honeymoon. I am super excited about our late winter/early spring wedding! 

How did you meet your fiancé?
My fiancé and I actually met in high school, but we are not high school sweet hearts! My junior year, we were in yearbook together. I thought he was funny, and he thought I laughed too much. We were friends, but we left it at that. During his first semester of college, Tyler tried to ask me out several times, to all of which I said "NO!". He was persistent though, and in February 2011 I finally agreed to go out with him to "get it over with", as I told my mom. Little did I know that a week shy from four years since our first date, we would get MARRIED! 

How did he propose? We want the story!
Tyler proposed while we were playing with our new DSLR's at a local garden! I was shocked, to say the least. Read the full story here!

Has your vision for your wedding changed or evolved over the course of your engagement? If so, how?
Starting out, I had tons of Pinterest boards but absolutely no certain ideas. Still today I do not really have a "vision" for our wedding- which is SO unlike me! I know that I am picking lots of pretty details and trust that they will come together into something great, with the help of our coordinator! Our style is a little vintage- but more glam than rustic. (I am bound and determined to have NO burlap at my wedding!) Our colors are navy, gold, and blush and our theme is "How sweet it is!". Everything is starting to come together and I really excited to see everything the day of :)

Who is your favorite vendor you have booked so far?
 Well I am sure if this is considered a "vendor", but I bought my dress at Bridals by Lori and filmed for Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta! I had the BEST experience there and am still blown away by their customer service! Read all about that here! My favorite local vendor is my bakery- Adrienne & Co! Their customer service is insane and their cake is to die for! Plus- I LOVE cake so this has to be my favorite! 

Tell us about planning with your fiance? Has it gone smoothly? Is he more involved, or hands-off?
I would call Tyler very hands-off, but he is certainly not without opinion :) Since he is in dental school, he really does not have time to help a ton, but he is involved when he can! His biggest opinions have been that I cannot wear a black dress (ha!) and that he does not want to do a first look- but we are still debating that one!

What part of your wedding are you most invested in?
I get sidetracked a lot with  little details, but I am most invested in the ceremony. My fiancé and I just want people to know Jesus and love more because of what they see in our ceremony! 

Have you asked your bridal party? Did you ask them in a fun and unique way?
Yes, asking the bridal party was one of the very first things I did! Our bridal party is big- ten each! I knew I wanted to do something fun, so I ordered monogrammed koozies and attached a little note, wrote a letter, and hand delivered them! It was super fun and I also ordered myself a koozie in the opposite colors with my married monogram! I asked ushers, flower girls, readers, and and the like with little cupcakes and an attached note saying "Our day would be so much sweeter if you'd be our greeter!" and the like. (I am kicking myself for not getting pictures of those!)

What are you most looking forward to about marriage?
Day to day life- it's the little things like dinner together every night and watching tv series together that get me fired up! Also- living in the same city will be a huge bonus!!
Do you have any advice for other brides that are planning their wedding as well?
Breathe. It'll get done! Do not let wedding planning consume your life- it is one day!! Take time off- I got overwhelmed and declared September as a no wedding planning month. It was glorious :) It also helped me to slow down and actually ENJOY the process! It only happens once so savor every step!

Thank you so much Taylor for sharing this magical time in your life with us! I think it is so neat that you were able to get your gown from Bridals from Lori and be featured on Say Yes to the Dress! Isn't that every girl's fantasy? I know I tried!

Next week we will have Lauren from Genuinely Lauren, so be sure to come back next Wednesday for some more wedding talk!

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