Friday, November 14, 2014


The Holidays are well on their way and I couldn't be more excited! This year Timothy and I will send out are very first Christmas card and I am super excited. I have been browsing all throughout the website Minted to figure out which one I am going to choose. But so far here are my favorites...let me know which one you all like as well!

Also, a few house keeping things I would like to complete this weekend..hopefully I will be more successful this weekend..But I did manage to clean the whole house last weekend!
  • Hang photo ledge
  • Replace light bulb in upstairs hallway
  • Hang Curtains (Front bedroom, back bedroom, master bedroom)
  • Hang plywood paintings
Favorite Picture
This is one of the reasons I love the Fall. I love this picture from my upstairs deck overlooking my backyard. All the fall colors are so pretty. I don't however like all those leaves on the ground. 

Favorite Meal
I made my first crock pot meal this season and it was absolutely delicious! Pot roast, potatoes and carrots (recipe to come on Tuesday!)

Favorite Me Time
I love some "Me Time" and I got to go to the gym everyday this week (M-Th) and give myself some me time. I am really in work out mode these last few weeks and hopefully this motivation will continue.

Favorite Piece of Mail
I got the invitation to our Engagement party my grandmother sent out to all our family and bridal party this week! It was so exciting seeing our first party of our engagement getting planned and I am so excited for December 14th!

Favorite Wedding Planning 
The girls and I started planning my Bachelorrette weekend. We found that it is very difficult with 9 girls, 2 girls living across the country and 1 girl in pharmacy school. We are limited to about a month out of the whole year when we can possibly do it and deciding on a location and a decent budget price has been difficult. But Chelsea has really gone over and beyond to make this special for me and made a powerpoint with 4 different locations all priced out. Hopefully we can make a decision soon!

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