Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Reception Venue

I am so excited to announce to everyone that Timothy and I will have our wedding reception at The Stockroom in Downtown Raleigh. This was not our first choice but it should have been because this venue is absolutely gorgeous and gives off the romantic theme I was going for.

Originally Timmy and I had our hearts and minds set on Cobblestone Hall at City Market in Downtown Raleigh, we were ready to sign the contract and get the ball rollin'. Unfortunately about a month after we had visited Cobblestone and met with the lady we would be dealing with, she emailed me and told me they could not take any requests for wedding dates after February 2015 (and it was already August 2014), so I was freaking out because I had this big vision and everything was working out perfectly. I had brushed off all of the other venues we went to see that same day as Cobblestone and had my heart set on an October 2015 wedding. The new venue attached to Cobblestone, 214 Martin, would be ready in just a few short months and Cobblestone was considering going under some renovations during that period - so I did not want to wait for an answer, seeing as they had no idea when they would know. We could have booked 214 Martin but it was going to be more a modern venue and I was going for the rustic simple look.

I then frantically started emailing all the other venues I had really loved looking for dates that would be available for an October 2015 wedding and fairly close to our Ceremony site in downtown Raleigh (post to come about the ceremony site). I was limited to only so many venues that had the look and feel that I wanted and the location being perfect. I didn't want to get married in Downtown and then have my guests travel 30 minutes to the reception site.

I hoped and prayed when I emailed Mollyann at The Stockroom that she would have a date available in October. "DING" my email goes off -darn. The only date still available in October of 2015 was.... HALLOWEEN. No thank you! I then asked about November, because an early November wedding wouldn't be too cold and would still feel and look like Fall. "DING" my email goes off...November 21st and 28th...the weekend before and after Thanksgiving. At this point I just wanted to set a date. Okay..I then asked her about December. "DING" my email goes off...all of December is open! But I wasn't happy with that - I didn't want to get married in December when it is cold, all the leaves are brown and off the trees and everyone is too concerned about Christmas. What was I going to do?

Timothy and I had a serious but short conversation (because, duh, I needed to let her know a date ASAP before another bride snatched it up between me getting the email and the next few minutes). We decided on November 21st because my family goes out of town on Thanksgiving and if we had it November 28th that wouldn't have been possible. So we decided we will have our wedding on November 21st and leave for our Honeymoon on the following Saturday November 28th. Perf.

I am so glad that we were able to book The Stockroom for our wedding reception. I think it will be absolutely amazing and the women that work there seem great! There are a lot of different ways you can decorate this venue, it can be as formal as you would like it or as casual as you would like it and I LOVE the little market lights that can hang from the ceiling.

How did any of you Mrs. or future brides choose your venue?

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Kelly Mock said...

What a beautiful venue!

Kristin O said...

Hey girl!! I'm your newest Bloglovin follower! I love this venue, how gorgeous!! I knew I wanted to have mine on the water so I found the place that was the cheapest, would handle most of the phone calls, and the most beautiful for the price. I was so happy with mine. Good luck with all the planning!!

P!nky said...

Beautiful venue! Woohoo wedding planning!!!!

Stopping by from the linkup!

Kristin said...

I love the brick walls! Such a rustic feel.

Our wedding was 6 months after we got engaged so it was "What is available?" not "What would be perfect?". However, we ended up getting married 3 months before our actual wedding. Military life is like that I guess.

Your locale would be on my short list of perfect locations though! Congrats!

KatiePerk said...

Such a pretty spot! Glad you found a place and a date that would work! Stopping by from the link up.

Jillian Manesh said...

so exciting! that was the best thing to find the perfect venue... looks like you found a winner! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

Lindsay said...

OH EM GEE! That venue is absolutely GORGEOUS!! I love how romantic it looks. The venue we chose use to be a bar that my parents and all their friends would hang out at in the 80s, the guy that owned it passed away and they made it into an event looked a bit similar to yours..I cant wait to see your pics!

Nichole @ said...

Our wedding was rustic, and I loved every minute of it. Enjoy your planning :)

Joey said...

AH! My bestie got married at the stockroom and it was gorgeous! The more I'm reading the more I'm thinking good lord we need to meet up sometime! I'll actually be in Raleigh all weekend, but I'm not sure how much free time I'll have seeing I'll be putting up my parents tree...for the second time this week! haha!

Mae Rader said...

Your venue is amazing!!! Oh my gosh! I just love it! Congratulations!!


Stephanie {Newlyweds:North} said...

that will be a spectacular reception venue! congrats on setting the date! and thanks for linking up!