Monday, November 24, 2014

Savannah, GA | 2014

I am in love with Savannah, Georgia! Has anyone else visited Savannah? This past weekend Timothy and I went with another couple friend of ours to Savannah, GA and we had a blast! The first day/night started off pretty slow because we were still getting used to the town but by Saturday afternoon we knew exactly where to go and what to do!

Friday, we all took off work, we left around 9:30am and hit the road to Savannah. It wasn't a bad drive about 4.5 hours from Raleigh, NC and you stayed on one highway the entire time. We got there a little earlier than our hotel check in time so we decided to hit River Street (one of the streets in downtown Savannah by the river). Our first stop was Wet Willies. This was my first time ever going to a Wet Willies so if you have never been I would suggest finding the closest one to you and going right away. Wet Willies is a restaurant/bar that serves alcoholic frozen drinks..they were delicious. I got the Baha Mama but I was hoping to get the attitude improvement but it had no taste.

After we got our drinks in our Togo Cups we hit the street..yep that's right you could walk on any of the streets in historic district with drink in hand. It was amazing. Just don't go past Jones Street. That is what everyone kept telling us because that is where the historic district ended. It was huge so I don't think we ever came anywhere near Jones Street. After we walked around for about an hour or so we decided it was time to head to the hotel check in and get ready for dinner. 

Before we knew it, it was time to get in the cab and head to dinner at the Olde Pink House. This restaurant was absolutely amazing! While we were in Savannah we wanted to have a nice dinner and this went above and beyond all of our expectations and our price range but was totally worth it. They have literally anything you could think of to eat, from lobster tails to a cheeseburger. We all got steaks, scallops, lobster tails and oysters. Oh and we can't forget about the bottle of wine that Elizabeth and I split..yea we ended up spending well over $60 in drinks. The restaurant was in an old house that was pink (hence the name) that was built in the 1700's and it was beautiful. We took some pictures at dinner and when we left we asked the YOUNG hostess to take a picture of all four of us outside the house but every picture she took she cut our heads we had to delete those.

After dinner we were stuffed and felt like we were going to explode. So we decided to walk around and find a bar to go to. There were so many it was hard to pick so we decided to just bar hop that night. We started off at City Market at a bar called "Bar Bar' where you could play board games while you were drinking. Greatest idea ever! We played heads up, which we had played the whole way down to Savannah in the car on Elizabeth's phone. Then we went to this bar that had a band and it was really neat at first but as it got darker the crowd became more sketch and I totally saw a drug deal go down directly in front of the bouncers and after that I told Timmy I was ready to move on. We ended up at this last bar called Tree House and it was pretty much. It was a rooftop bar so it was nice because all the other bars I was so hot in. We ended up leaving the bar pretty early about 12:30 and went back to the hotel and went straight to sleep. 

Saturday morning we woke up and went to eat Chick-fil-a for lunch (we were done spending money on food) and then went to downtown Savannah and walk around some of the squares and the cemetery there. The trees all in Savannah were gorgeous!

After we did some sight seeing we decided to do a little day drinking with our togo cups and shopping. Let me tell drinking and shopping is never a good idea so luckily we didn't find all the good shops until the last 30 minutes we had to spend in downtown. I did pretty well though, I only bought Bailey a new collar, myself 2 new scarves and one of my friends Christmas presenets. We walked River Street again to watch some of the boats and headed to Broughton Street to get some macaroons and continue the shopping and drinking. This was my first time ever having macaroons and I got vanilla because I was scared to try anything else and I did not enjoy it. 

After we were done shopping we decided to stop at Moe's grab us some togo drinks and togo food for dinner. We headed back to hotel and ate our Moe's and played a little heads up. Then it was time to get ready for our last night in Savannah. Saturday night we had reservations for the Savannah Slow Ride - pub crawl. It was a big bicycle that fits 16 people and you pedal it to get to your destination. is hard. But it is so much fun! We did the pub crawl one so you pedaled the huge bike to different bars. There was another group of 8 on the bicycle with us and we all had so much fun together! They were from Florida so it was fun to get to meet new people! We stopped at about 5 bars and could bring out togo cup back on the bike with us. After the first stop we learned our lesson to grab lids and straws because our drinks kept spilling. By the time we were at the last bar no one wanted to leave and the driver had to come drag us out of the last bar! 

By the way the creepy guy in the gray hoodie was our driver..he was great! So funny and such a trooper for dealing with all of us!

The Slow Ride was over and it was time to hit the bars one last night. It was about 10:30 when we finished with the pub crawl and they dropped us right off by Tree House so we went there. We had a blast and met a whole bunch of new people. Before we knew it, it was time to go. We had stayed out until 2am..I couldn't believe it. Obviously we were hungry after we left the bars and so of course we hit up Moe's...again...because they stayed open until 3:30am and waited for our cab to come pick us up. We went to bed and when we woke up it was time to pack up and go home. 

We were all ready to go home but it was sad to leave such an amazing place. I will definitely be visiting again and am thinking about going there for my bachelorette party!

I was especially excited to get home and go pick up my little fur baby from the kennel. I know she was super happy to be home as well.

I am so glad this week is such a short week! I only work today and tomorrow and then I am off for the Thanksgiving holiday until Monday. Wahoo!!

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Joey said...

Sounds like SUCH a wonderful weekend! J and I are hoping to take a little getaway trip in the next few weeks and I think Savannah is on our list!!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

I love Wet Willies! It's fun! Looks like you had a fun trip!

Showered With Design

Sarah Emily said...

I love Wet Willies! ToGo cups are the best idea ever! It is nice to not have to rush to finish a drink and just be able to walk around with it. Savannah is such a gorgeous town and it is full of such neat little shops and bars! I am glad you had a good time!

Lindsay said...

Um Savannah looks and sounds like so much fun! I will need to go on that bicycle pub crawl as well. We have something similar here but you aren't allowed to bring your drinks with you..bummer..thats the whole point right?! So happy you had such a fun weekend :)

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

Savannah has been on my travel wish list for a long time - glad you had fun!

Jenn said...

Sounds like an incredibly busy, but fun, weekend!! I've never been to Savannah but your pics look awesome!