Monday, December 15, 2014

First of Many Parties

This weekend was absolutely perfect. Relaxing and fun at the same time and if you follow me on instagram you saw we had our very first Engagement Party Sunday night. 

Friday night was looking like it was going to be a night in because we weren't feeling like doing much. But after about an hour of wrapping presents Timothy and I were both bored staying in so we met some friends for some drinks. Thank goodness it was an early night because I was exhausted. Saturday I had a few errands I needed to run and went to the gym for a solid 2 hours (that is a long time for me). Timothy and I decided to have a night in with a bottle double bottle of moscato, have an at home taco night and watch a Christmas movie. It is exactly what we both needed and it was perfect. We haven't had a night like that in a long time and I am so glad we did. I remembered when we moved in I had put away some Christmas wine glasses my mom had painted me a long time ago and so I brought those out and enjoyed some wine by the tree!

Sunday we geared up for our first Engagement Party. Since my dad lives in the neighborhood across the street we got up on Sunday morning and went over to his house and he cooked us eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, cinnamon rolls, biscuits and grits. He always spoils us way too much but it is so nice being so close to him! Then I was lazy until I had to start getting ready for the party and watched two movies on Netflix...Crossroads and The Mistle-Tones. Yes Crossroads with Brittney Spears is now on Netflix and everyone should go watch it right now. 

Then the Engagement Party happened. Our two families had never met each other so we thought we would have a family engagement party with our closest family and bridal party at my grandparents house. But before everyone got there my grandparents gave me one of the most precious gifts I have ever received and it was from my mom. 

You see for years I have been wanting a David Yurman Pearl Cable Bracelet and my mom and I had always talked about it and she said she would get it for me but she was going to surprise me. Well she sure did. We have a jewelry store Reliable Loan that my family always shops at in Downtown Raleigh and we know the owner very well. Well, with Christmas coming up my grandfather went down there about a week ago to just look at some jewelry for the Holidays and the lady that my mom always dealt with was there. She saw my grandfather and said "I am so glad you are here, because we have something for you." My grandfather not knowing what she was talking about just went with it. She said Lauren, my mom, had ordered this for Ashley about a year ago (see if you are looking for a particular piece of jewelry we always told them and then they would hunt it down and have it brought into the store) and she was waiting for a Holiday to come up to come back and get it, but when they heard she had died they put it under the jewelry cabinet to save until the next time my grandfather had come in. So my grandparents got me the David Yurman Pearl Cable bracelet my mom had picked out for me and gave it to me last night as an Engagement gift from my mom. It was one of the most special moments of my life because I never thought I would ever get anything else from my mom and my grandparents made it possible for me to get one last gift from her at one of the most important times of my life. I know I will treasure this bracelet and every time I wear it think of my mom. 

The party was so much fun! All of our families got to meet and my family met the rest of my bridal party they had not already met and it was a great celebration for Timothy and I. The food was amazing, my grandmother had it catered, and it was just a perfect night. I wish I had taken more photos on my phone but I tried to not have my phone with me but my grandmother took lots on her camera so once I get those I will post some. But here are a few!

My sister and one of the bridesmaids before all the guests arrived!

My number 1 supporter, my Dad!

Rachel, bridesmaid and my best friend!

The wonderful man I will be marrying in 341 days! #TheChaseIsOver112115

Thank you so much to all my friends and families who helped make last night so special! Timothy and I are so thankful for all of yall and are lucky to share this magical time with everyone!

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P!nky said...

I giggled at your bottle aka 2 bottles because it reminded me of how one bottle turned into four on Friday night, oops! I love those Christmas glasses, so festive!

Your engagement party sounds wonderful. My family didn't meet my husband's family until a month before the wedding since they live in Ohio. It was fun, though, having that special moment. Love your dress and the hashtagissocute!

Meg Taylor said...

Oh my gosh, what a beautiful story and gift from your mom - so special! What a wonderful and happy way for your families to get to know each other. Hope you had a great weekend.

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

That is such a special present!! I can't even imagine what an amazing moment that must have been for you! Glad you had a wonderful engagement party with your families!

Katie Elizabeth said...

First of all, I LOVE your wedding hashtag! So cute! And how sweet of your grandparents - that is so special. Our families didn't meet until after we got engaged either and it was such a fun night, too!

Meghan said...

Your wedding hashtag is so precious. That is such a sweet story of your mom and the bangle. That is such a sweet, sweet gift. Your party looks awesome! Can't wait to see more pictures. xo

Caitlin said...

I love your wine glasses! Adorable!

And how sweet that your mom was still able to get you the bracelet. For my wedding, my aunt had saved a necklace that was my grandmother's so she could be there with me even though she passed away. It was so special to me, I can't imagine how much more it would be coming from your mom. Congrats and I'm so glad everything is going so smoothly! :)

Caitlin @ Coffee with Caitlin

Kenzie Smith said...

Those Christmas wine glasses are too cute! Sounds like you guys had the perfect night in. How sweet that your mom was still able to get you the bracelet!