Thursday, December 11, 2014

First Time Christmas Card Sender

Christmas cards have arrived from shutterfly! Nice clean white envelopes have been addressed and half of them have been mailed out and now I just need to run out and buy stamps for the other half. I am so excited to send out my first batch of Christmas cards! This is the very first year Timmy and I have sent out Christmas cards..yep I am a virgin Christmas card sender, but not after this year! I never really thought it made much sense for Timmy and I to send out Christmas cards before we were engaged but now that our engagement photos have come right around Christmas you bet I am going to send some out!

It took me so long and many group messages between some of my best friends before I finally picked a card and a picture I liked. I think for sending out my first Christmas card I picked a pretty good one! I was going to use Minted and posted about a few of my favorite cards here, but I found Minted to be way more expensive than Shutterfly. I ordered 60 cards and spent about $70 on my Shutterfly cards and if I had gone with Minted my total was going to be about $123. Maybe Minted is better quality, but I am very pleased with my Shutterfly cards. Which do you all usually use? If you have used both, what is the difference you have seen?

Well, here are my Christmas cards I am sending out! I love getting Christmas cards from my friends and family and would love to get more! If you want to go up on the fridge at my house just send me an email and I'll send you my address { } to send me a Christmas card! If I get enough I may do a post compiling all the cards I got! I have a few extras of my own I may send out to some of my blogger ladies! 

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