Monday, December 1, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

Well Thanksgiving has come and gone and it is time to go back to work for another month until Christmas arrives. This year has flown by, I can't believe it is already December. 2014 where'd ya go? I have been wanting a relaxing weekend and this weekend I finally got one and I am so thankful!

Wednesday morning Timothy and I hit the road to Williamsburg, Virginia. It was a fairly easy ride minus the rain. Once we got to Virginia it was raining so we were a little bummed but that didn't stop up from enjoying downtown Williamsburg and the shops.

The whole time we were in Virginia we did our normal read all about what we do go here..for those who have already read every little detail we do I won't put y'all through that again because we literally did everything I said we would. Thanksgiving lunch was hard without my mom, I will be honest my hair and make up was looking great and I was actually pleased with it and at lunch I just lost it and started to cry..but don't worry my make up still looked great I have no idea! This was always my moms favorite trips and I just missed her so much...there were a lot of things I made Timothy do with me that usually my mom would do so he was a trooper! Friday we shopped a whole lot...but I didn't buy anything for myself to keep! All Christmas presents! I was very proud of myself.

Friday night when we got home I went and got Chinese and binged watched the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills until I went to sleep at 8:45PM. That was such a great feeling going to bed in my own bed and so early! I needed the sleep because I slept awful while we were in Virginia. Then Saturday morning, the loving fiance Timmy is, went to go get us Chick-fil-a breakfast while I cuddled in bed with Bailey. We then went over to his dad and grandma's house to watch the NC State vs UNC game..convenient that they live right next door to each other. We watched the first half at his dads and then went over to his grandma's for the second half and enjoyed some of her Thanksgiving leftovers. We even got some Christmas decorations that his dad doesn't use. I can't wait to put them up next year! Then we had a whole bunch of people over at our house and had a fire. Sunday was spent all day recovering from Saturday night and continue to binge watch RHOBH until I finally caught up with the new episode. We went out to eat mexican for dinner and went and picked up about 50 pictures and frames from my moms house. I have no idea where they are all going to go but I will find a place!

OH I almost forgot! Our engagement photos came in on Thanksgiving! I haven't been able to stop looking at them! I will do a post later with all my favorites! But until is a sneak peek!

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