Thursday, February 26, 2015

New Sneaks

So I am in need of a new pair of running shoes, but I am having trouble deciding which ones I should get. I have a lot I really like so I thought I would come to the blog world and see which ones yall like to help make my decision a little easier.

Nike Free 5.0 Light Purple and Tiffany Blue

Nike Free Gray and Coral

Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 - Gray and Yellow

Nike Air Zoom Fly 2 - Gray and Pink

Nike Air Max Trailwind 7 - Green and Blue

Nike Air Max 2015 - Blue and Purple

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Amanda said...

I love how comfortable my pair of Nike Free's are! I feel like I tried on the Air Zoom and didn't like them very much. As for the colors, I love them all! I have a Coral pair and a gray and teal pair but sometimes I regret that I didn't just get a black and white pair. One day!

*Amanda @ Stuff Amanda Likes.

Mae @ Endlessly Ever After said...

I'm all about the Free's! For lifting and running. I love the grey and coral :))

Nadine Lynn said...

I need new running shoes bad! I always pick shoes that I love the look of and I need to stop that. I am going to a local running store and have them watch me run and suggest a pair of shoes that are for me. I have horrible knee problems and lately my ankles have been hurting and I have a feeling it is my shoes. I love all your picks though!

Pamela said...

love em! Love the grey & coral too!

Kristina said...

Something about new sneakers always makes me want to work out more, lol. Is that weird?!?!

Very Erin said...

I love the Nike Air Max Trailwind 7 in green and blue!

Amanda D. said...

I wish I could help you on a pair. I love the grey & coral. I buy only New Balance shoes. Nike's & Adidas don't fit my feet right.

Good luck!

J Young said...

Going purely in the looks (because Nike's not me preferred brand) I am in LOVE with the first ones, the fun color would make me want to go out and run around the world! :)

Lindsay said...

I really like the purple ones!!!

Momista Beginnings said...

If I'm basing my vote off of color alone, the purple and tiffany blue ALL...THE...WAY! Now I want these shoes. Dangit. -Misty