Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why We Are Staying in This V-Day

Wow, this is going to be our 4th Valentine's Day together. I can't believe and this year I don't have to secretly be wishing he was going to pop the question, because he already has! But this year we are going to take a didn't route on Valentine's Day and staying home. I am so excited for this and I think this will be one of the best Valentine's Day we have had. I have so many plans for the night! But first, let's talk about our past 3 Valentine's.

This was the very first Valentine's Day together. This was when Timothy was working at Central Prison as a correction officer. (NO...I did not like him working there..I was constantly worried about him). He worked nights, so I rarely got to see him because at the time I was in school going to class from 9-3 and then would have a break from 3-5 and then had to babysit every night until 8:30pm. I am so glad that we no longer have to schedule to spend time together, but anyways T had to work that night so I didn't get to see him at all on Valentine's Day. But he did have a key to my apartment at the time and had brought me flowers and a big teddy bear and left it in my room with the sweetest note ever.

This Valentine's date will forever be in both of our heads of what NOT to do. Basically, I was being a brat and just wanted to have a fiance at this point. This year we had been dating for 1 year and 9 months and I was ready for stuff to happen in our relationship. I had this big expectation of how the night was going to go and I was fully prepared to go home an engaged woman. Well T is not a planner, so of course he waited until the last minute to make dinner reservations. We didn't get to dinner until 9pm! 9pm...I was starving at about 5pm. But anyways, he had made reservations at this great restaurant in Raleigh at Mura at North Hills; it is a Japanese and Sushi restaurant but not one where they cook in front of you, it is WAY nicer. Well T didn't tell me any of the plans until later that day so by the time he told me I was already in the shower getting ready (I think he was scared to tell me we weren't going to be eating until 9). But I just decided to get ready because he had to have something else in mind to do until dinner time. Well when he got to my apartment he said "so what do you want to do until dinner?" My mind was baffled! I couldn't believe he made dinner plans so late with nothing planned, I was totally thinking he made plans so late because he needed time to pop the question. So we argued a little bit, we are two of the most indecisive people ever so trying to come up with a last minute plan was a disaster. I said I wanted to go to Build-a-Bear but he didn't want to do that, so we argued a little bit more. Finally I just said let's just get in the truck and go somewhere. I was tired of sitting there and arguing. Well we eventually ended up at Build-a-Bear :) and we made a bear together. Finally it was time to go to dinner. It wasn't even crowded in there, so we could have probably gone earlier and tried to grab a seat and eaten earlier. The food was OK but it is nothing like going to an actual Japanese place and having them cook for you. We got a bottle of wine and indulged in some food. The night was over and I was still ringless. But can you see now why this date will always be a memory..even though it started off a little rough it has taught T some planning tips.

Last year, we had such a fun Valentine's Day. And I made the dinner reservations because there was no way I was have a repeat of the year before. This year we went to Brasa and at a decent time! Brasa is an amazing restaurant and this was the second time we had been. It is a steak house that you can literally eat all you want for one price! They give you a stone if the stone is green they keep bringing different meats to your table and in the front of the restaurant there is a salad bar and a sides bar and you can eat until your heart desires. It is so good but just be aware to eat slowly, you can fill up on the first 3 meats and they bring you a variety of about 10. There is a limit, you can only stay for 2 hours. But this night was so much fun. We laughed and people watched the entire time, one of our favorite things to do. By the time we were done eating we were so exhausted we went home and watched a movie. It is hard to beat that night because we were so happy and we got to eat at a normal time.

This year we have decided to stay in for multiple reasons. Reason 1: Valentine's Day is on a Saturday night, Valentine's is already so crowded on any other night then add all the people that usually go out on a Saturday night and you have wall to wall chaos. I don't like sitting right next to another couple, so we are staying in. Reason 2: This is the year that we are going to be getting married, T and I want to really focus on our relationship and spend quality time together, so we are staying in to spend quality time together. Reason 3: Having a waiter constantly come up to you while you are trying to have a romantic night is awkward and annoying, so we are staying in. Reason 4: What is more romantic than making a pallet on the floor, drinking one a few bottles of wine, making a fire and laughing together, nothing so we are staying in.

What do y'all like to do with your significant other on this special day?

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