Monday, March 30, 2015

My Motivation to Workout

What better way to get you motivated to workout than some fun printed workout pants! I love going to a workout in some fun pants, they make me just feel better! I love all the brands.


one // two //  three

Old Navy

one & two // three // four


one //  two


one //  two //  three

What keeps you motivated to workout?

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  1. I love these! I can't stand how the full-length leggings feel when I'm working out but I love all the patterns. I typically try to stay with Atleta or Champion (I basically love all things I can find at target) but I've heard Lululemons are really worth the price.

  2. Old Navy has seriously stepped up their game as of late! I like their pants better than Lululemon and the lower price helps too :)

    1. Yes, the price is definitely a plus!

    2. Ooooo this is good to know!! ✔️✔️👌

  3. These are cute. I'm all about cute workout clothes otherwise it doesn't motivate me to workout. lol

  4. Ditto!! The clothes get me in a perky mood and I instantly have more energy! Lulus are my go to, I haven't found anything that holds up as well and lasts as long, yet! :)

  5. It really helps me to become more motivated when I am wearing workout clothing that I like and feel good in! I have found a few good pairs of pants via Fabletics, Lulus hold up well, as does Athleta.

  6. I still haven't jumped on the colored workout pants...but they are awfully cute.

  7. I have still have yet to try out Lululemon, but I heard their line is amazing. I'm still that girl in Barre classes in Target and ON :-P

  8. Yes! I love getting new workout gear. Actually, I think I own more workout clothes than I do regular clothes right now.

  9. Oh my! I love all these workout leggings! I have a health & fitness journal that keeps me motivated :)