Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Weekend Recap and GIVEAWAY Winner!

So I am recapping my weekend a day late. It was a busy busy weekend. My godson turned 1, NC State lost and I had Sunday Funday. It was a long weekend but it was spent with great friends and family!

Friday, it started and I enjoyed another plate of BBQ. We went to The Pit last weekend but then I heard a local business was having BBQ plate day so I made sure my dad picked us up a few plates before he came into work and boy was that BBQ delicious! I could eat BBQ all day everyday, anyone else with me?

Friday night we didn't have any plans, but then ended up going out to watch NC State (#gopack) lose in the Sweet 16 with two of Timmy's groomsmen. We went to our draft house in Garner that we have spent many drunken nights but when we got there the place was packed and not a single place to sit. So I was a little disappointed because their burgers are amazing and was craving one. Well we went a little further and realized they had another one in Clayton, so off to Clayton we went. We thought it wouldn't be as packed, but of course it was. But we ended up getting 4 seats at the bar after waiting for about 30 minutes. By this time I didn't care where I sat I just wanted that dag on burger. Well we finally got it and I killed it and ate the whole thing. By this time it was about 8:30 and I was starving. We continued to be loyal state fans and watched the game and watched them lose it towards the end. What a disappointment.

Also, another disappointment on Friday night. Since the bar was packed and the parking lots were full we had to park in a mud lot. Well, my friend Warren was driving my car back to our house so I asked him to get in and back up out of the mud before anyone else got in the car so I would keep my car INSIDE and OUTSIDE clean. Well he got in, backed out and Timmy and I walked to the passenger side only to see the passenger side of my car was COVERED in red mud.

I was LIVID. Clearly someone did that on purpose because no one else had a problem getting out and no other car had mud on it. Clearly I was not going to just let that sit on my car like that, so off to the car wash we went at 10:45 at night. $11 car wash and there is still mud on my car. Some people are just rude.

Then Saturday I woke up about 8am and took Bailey on a 3 mile walk before we packed up and headed to Charlotte. I got up so early because I knew I needed to go get my oil changed before I drove the 3 hour trip. When I got back from my walk Timmy was all dressed and was on his way out to take my car to get my oil changed #sosweet. I was so happy because that meant I could catch up on some of my shows and relax a little before it was time to leave. We packed up the car and hit the road. 3 hours later we ended up at Super Target in Charlotte wasting some time and buying my godson a birthday gift. Shopping for a 1 year old is hard - thank goodness all the toys have ages on them.

Then we went to the hotel to get ready and wait for my dad, sister and his girlfriends arrival then headed over to my godsons house. He has gotten so big since I saw him last month for his sisters birthday! I think he gained about 10 pounds! I was a bad blogger and didn't take any photos that night but I did steal this photo collage off facebook from that night!

Sunday morning, we woke up hit the amazing breakfast we always look forward to when staying at Embassy Suites and then hit the road back to Raleigh. Listened to a little Taylor Swift and had a jam out session with Timmy. And yes...Timmy was singing along to Taylor Swift. When we got home we had made plans with some friends to come over and watch the Nascar race and grill out. We played some corn hole, fished in the pond, listen to some music, grilled out Kabobs and took the paddle boat out for a spin. It was the perfect Sunday Funday. 

Timmy's best man's mom sent me a gift since she couldn't come to our engagement party and I am obsessed!

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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