Sunday, April 12, 2015

My Loving Angel

So if you have been reading for awhile you may know that I lost my mom. A year ago exactly today.

Since April 12, 2014 it has been a year of ups and downs. I lost my best friend and went on one of the most heart breaking journeys of my life and I also got engaged and started one of the happiest journeys of my life. To say this year has been confusing with my emotions is an understatement, there are times when I know I should be sad but the wedding fever kicks in and it eases my mind and takes it to a happy place. I have learned so much about myself this past year and have grown to appreciate life more. I have seen how much my sister is my inspiration and how much she relies on me as an older sister. Things have not always been good but we are making it through one day at a time. I miss her more than anything and treasure all the moments we had together.

This was the post I posted when she passed away.

We wore Lilly Pulitzer to the Service

These are some of the kind words that her friends and family said about her

"I am speechless to hear of Lauren's passing. She truly was the epitome of embracing life and sharing her love, kind heart and compassion. Feeling so sad to hear this....All my deepest thoughts and prayers and well wishes to her family and many dear friends. In High School she was "the girl" everyone envied and wanted to be. I have such vivid memories of her in her cheerleading uniform sporting her incredible legs and crazy gorgeousness. She was that popular untouchable kind of girl, as I was a couple years younger. I idolized her yet she intimidated me. We reconnected on FB a few years ago and she was always so kind, sweet and sent so many encouraging words my way. It meant so much to have "that girl" from years ago show such kindness and care and love. My heart breaks thinking of her gone. It is so unfair and hard to conceive of.......My deepest thoughts and love go out to her beautiful daughters who she clearly cherished. Much love to you as you deal with this horrible and unfair loss. This is just a horrific tragedy....but I know Lauren would be smiling and reminding all her loved ones that she wants them to be happy and embrace and cherish every moment of is too short.... Love to you all...."

"Lauren Dilthey Sink was the best neighbor and childhood partner in crime!!! So many great memories of tea parties and Glen Forest pool days...swim team practice, 4-square, playing cards, and being mischievous!!! What more could you ask for??? Well...a snow cone machine and Mr Dilthey taking us to 7-11 i the carmengia for icees!!!"

"A loving soul has been lifted to heaven today, Lauren Sink. I know she will be missed by her Daddy, who adores her. All my love to her beautiful daughters, Caroline Sink and Ashley Chase. I know how proud your mother is of you. And she will always be surrounding and protecting you with her love."

This was the last picture we took together. We had driven to Greensboro for our cousin's going away party.

This was the last text she sent to my then boyfriend now fiance.

Today will be a day we always honor Lauren Dilthey Sink. Today will be a day I dread for the rest of my life, but I will make it a day where I think back to all the happy times we had together.

You showed me
When I was young just how to grow
You showed me
Everything that I should know
You showed me
Just how to walk without your hands
Cuz mom you always were
The perfect fan

I love you Mom.

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