Saturday, April 11, 2015

#SevenDaysHealthy: 64oz of Water

Last week I shared with yall that I was going to join Helene in her Seven Days Healthy challenge by adding one healthy habit every 7 days.

(picture by Helene)

This week's challenge: I challenged myself to drink 64oz of water everyday. 

Friday: 24oz   Saturday: 84oz   Sunday: 30oz   Monday: 64oz   
Tuesday: 66.7oz   Wednesday: 112oz   Thursday: 64oz

What I felt. Had to use the restroom a lot - but I was used to it because I was already drinking 64oz of water 3 days a week.

How hard was it? It is a lot easier to remember to drink lots of water while you are sitting at a desk rather than running errands on the weekend. I was able to drink at least 64oz of water 5 out of the 7 days - which I think is pretty good. 

Any changes? I didn't feel too different. I have heard that drinking a lot of water helps with eating and it didn't seem to help me too much. 

Will I keep it up? I am definitely going to try. I will definitely keep up with it about 3-4 days a week but I don't about everyday. I will probably come back to this challenge another week.

Next week's challenge: Go on a walk everyday. It doesn't have to be long but get outside and take a walk (treadmill walk will only count if raining).

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