Wednesday, May 13, 2015

TiednTangled { ETSY SHOP }

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

We all love some fun and colorful hair accessories and that is why I am obsessing over Sarah's Etsty shop! She has so many different hair accessories all in different colors and patterns! I am currently loving all the fun elastic hair ties that are even cute on your wrist when you they aren't in your hair!

Spring is here and it is time to bring out the bright colors. I am a Lilly Pulitzer fanatic so these Lilly inspired hair ties would be perfect for any Lilly fan like myself!

Any Bride-to-Be's out there?? These would make a great addition to a bridesmaid gift! 

When Christmas time comes around, I love wearing red and green. I think these would be a great way to stay in the Christmas spirit all throughout the season!

These bobby pins are so cute! Since they are so cute maybe they would be a little easier not to lose! 

I think these would be adorable on a little girl! I can't wait to have kids one day and dress them all cute and preppy!

Now let's get to know Sarah, the owner of TiednTangled

Girl Talk: How long have you had your store on Etsy?
Sarah: I've had my Etsy shop open for six months now, since October! These past 6 months have absolutely flown by, but I am so grateful that I've been successful during them! 

Girl Talk: How did you start making all these fun and pretty gifts?
Sarah: My mother has a wedding shop here on Etsy, TwiningVines, and for months she had been nagging me about opening my own shop. I've really needed extra money this past year or so to buy gas to get to ballet class, too, so after about a month of preparing and planning, the shop was opened! It took a while for my shop to get launched, but when the Christmas season rolled around I really started hitting the sales! 

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item in your store?
Sarah: My favorite items are actually the bobby pins that I've recently started making. They haven't started to sell as much as the hair ties yet, but they're definitely the most fun to create! 

Girl Talk: What is your best selling item?
Sarah: Currently, my best selling item is the bridesmaid set! It recently was featured on the first page of 'bridesmaid' gifts, so I think that led to it's giant sales. 

Girl Talk: Anything else you would like to share with us?
Sarah: It's really been such a joy having my Etsy shop. Being only 16, I think this is a HUGE learning experience for me that will carry on to every job that I have in the future. I've had so much fun during these past 6 months, and I think that I will forever be excited when I get new orders!


What is your favorite item in Sarah's shop?

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Brittany Deskins said...

I love ribbon ties! The only kind I've found to not leave the crease after you take it out

Jasmine said...

I love the bobby pins. So cute.

Aubrey said...

These are so cute. I am looking for bow ties for my nephews. I'll have to contact her and see if she does any boy stuff.

Bethany Magnie said...

I need to get better at dressing my girl dressy… She is still a baby so I go for comfort over cuteness but have been trying to make an effort to at least put a head band on her once in a while.

Chelsee W said...

Oh I love the bobby pins! I think these are all adorable! I too see that these would be great to include in bridesmaid's gifts.

Christine Hawkins said...

The hair accessories are so cute! I make similar ones myself but never thought of the bow! How adorable. I will have to check out the shop.

Alanna @ Alanna and Company said...

I just heard of ribbon hair ties and I'm absolutely obsessed with them. These are adorable.

Kristin O said...

I love those bow bobby pins!! Super adorable! I'm always looking for ways to spruce up my hair!

Embrolic Selby said...

What a cute shop! The bow bobby pins are gorgeous. said...

Really fun accessories! xoxo

BLovedBoston said...

Such cute items - I love the lighter colors that you think would be great for bridesmaids - I totally wear them! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

Candace Shiflet said...

I love discovering new shops! being an etsy shop owner myself, It's exciting to see others succeed and learn more about who they are! she makes such cute things, can't wait to check them out!
xo, Candace | Lovely Little Rants

Donellen Baer said...

Love the article! What a great job!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

These are so pretty, love all the colors :)

Ashley Lee said...

Love the hair ties!!

Jill Smilanich said...

Great job, Sarah! I'll say, "I knew her before she was famous!" Proud of you!