Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Email like a Pro

So much of what we do in our personal and professional lives is via email. When I am at work I would much rather handle something via email rather than over the phone. Not only does it leave a paper trail, but it also gives you time to work on your other tasks rather than just one at a time. Since most of my work is done via email I have seen a lot of issues dealing with office emails.

Here are some tips to get you emailing in the office like a professional.

1.) Email Address
Your Luvrgirl@yahoo.com email will no longer be acceptable. But hopefully with graduating high school or college you have already created a more professional email address. Most companies will provide you with an email address, but if they don't you will need to make sure you have a separate email for work. 

2.) Set Up a Signature
Always make sure you have a signature line on your emails. Not only will this let them know who they are dealing with other than just a first and last name but it will give them ways to contact you other than by email. Most people forget to also set up a signature line from your phone as well.
Below is a sample of my signature - my signature has clickable links for people to visit our Facebook Page, our Better Business Bureau site, a site where people can donate to a hike (it will become available at a later date) and a link to my cousins Warriors for Wells facebook page - our company is a donating sponsor for them.

3.) Short & Sweet
No one ever wants to read a long dragging on email. Half the time I don't even read all the short ones. So be sure to make your emails short and to the point.

4.) Reply-All
There have been many times when I hit "Reply-All" and really should not have. Be aware of times when you need to reply to all or you just need to respond to one person in the email.

5.) Paper Trail
As I mentioned before, communicating via email leaves a paper trail. This can be a good thing and a bad thing. Be aware that the person you are communicating with has the ability to forward you email to anyone he or she pleases and the top of your company can get into your email and read your emails (if it is an email address provided by your company).

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