Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Monograms & Mimosas Bridal Shower

This past weekend I had one of my first Bridal Showers. My Maid of Honor, Leslie, gave me the most perfect wedding shower! It was classy and really reflected my personality; it had pink and monograms all over the place! Anyone who knows me knows I am a big fan of monograms...if it isn't moving, monogram it!

The Bridal Shower was at Leslie's parents clubhouse in their neighborhood and it was such a pretty set up. When we pulled up, we saw blue and pink balloons...looked like a gender reveal party but it made for a good story because so many people were confused and thinking the same thing. When we walked in we saw everything all set up. Leslie had made place cards and champagne flutes with everyone's first and last initials.

After everyone got there we sat down to eat. The food was delicious and Leslie and her parents made it all. There were quiches, muffins, casseroles, fruit and chocolate eclairs. After everyone finished eating we began the games. We had already started one when everyone walked through the door..the game where you have 5 stickers and if you say "Timmy", "wedding" or "bride" and if you said it whoever heard you say it gets to steal one of your stars. I won!

We also played pass the bouquet, where Leslie would read a story (about Timmy and I- some true some made up) and anytime the word "left" "right" "cross" or "across" was said we had to pass the bouquet that direction and the person who had it at the end would win. I won that one too for my table! Then we played a game of Who Knows the Bride...I was really pulling for my sister because I really didn't think she would win but surprisingly she won in a tie breaker against Rachel!

We played one more game and it was a who said it game, either me or Timmy. It was funny to read Timmy's answers thankfully we weren't too far off from the same answers. Rachel ended up winning that one!

Leslie picked out some pretty good gifts for the winners. Of course I picked out a candle because I am obsessed with candles. I lit that thing as soon as I got home!

After we finished the games it was time to open presents! I am so thankful to have such amazing friends! I got so many wonderful gifts! I can't wait to use them all with my new monogram in November! I packed them all up so I would not be tempted to bring them out!

Thank you to all the girls who came out! You all made my day so special and I can't wait to share more memories with you all through Timmy and I's journey! We love you all so much!!

A big thank you to my MOH and all she has done. She has really gone above and beyond her MOH duties so far! Love you and so thankful for our long friendship!

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