Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Training for Tuesday: Training Preference

Awhile back I saw Becky from Running on Happy post about her Training preferences. I loved the idea and thought I would share my preferences with yall as well!

1.  Location:  Trail, Road, or Indoors?
I actually like running indoors because I can set up my iPad and binge watch Netflix. I also enjoy running on roads but mostly run indoors.

2.  Time of Day:  Morning, Noon, or Evening?

I prefer mornings. It is nice to know that after work I don't have to squeeze in the gym because I have already done my workout for the day. Most of the times I am working out a little in the morning and a little in the evening, but it is nice to know that some days I don't have to do the evening workout. I also feel more accomplished when I wake up in the morning and workout because it is the first thing checked off my little daily to do list.

3.  Weather:  Sunshine, Mild or Hot?

Definitely not hot. I love to run in the mornings during the beginning of Spring. It starts off cooler but after you warm up it is the perfect temperature to go running. That might be why I like to run indoors more often than not because during the summer months the afternoons are too unbearable to go for a run.

4.  Fuel:  Before, After, and Sometimes During?

5.  Accessories:  Music, Watch & More? 
FitBit is a must. During the morning runs/walks I don't tend to listen to anything; my mind is waking up and I use this time to think about stuff. My evening workouts if I am working out indoors my iPad to watch netflix or my iPhone to listen to music.

6.  Rewards:  Food, Wine, or …?
When I was training for my 22 mile hike sometimes I would have to reward myself if I made it X amount of miles I could eat Cookout or Bojangles after. 

7.  Type of Run:  Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?
I don't really do any certain type of runs. Usually just running how I feel like running that day. I am wanting to eventually do a 1/2 marathon so I guess I need to start working on the different types of runs I do. 

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Chesson {A Southern Twenty-Five} said...

I like this post! It's always fun finding out other people's running preferences. I wish I could do treadmill running like you (especially when it's a million degrees outside after work) but the treadmill and I definitely do not get along.

Katie @ Running With Wine said...

I love this post! I wish I liked running indoors like you, but I just run so much slower and get tired so much quicker. I love Cookout! I wish we had one where I live in Georgia.

Tracy said...

So interesting that you prefer running indoors, although with the weather the way it is in the summer I can definitely see why! I've gotten more into the habit of working out first thing in the morning and I agree - not having to worry about it the rest of the day is such a relief. Thanks for linking up! :)

Nadine Lynn said...

I need to get a good set up going to be able to watch Netflix when I run! I have the treadmill in our garage and its not really conducive to setting my ipad anywhere. It would fall of the treadmill.

alyssa said...

Agree on #4, running in the heat and humidity is my least favorite way to run. I also sometimes power myself through a tough run by thinking about all the pizza I'm earning myself right then and there :) thanks for linking up!