Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Cramps & Workouts Don't Mix

"I have my period, so I can't workout." Who is guilty of saying this? I know I am. I look forward to my monthly little break because I almost always make that excuse or I workout but very lightly. When you are on your period the TV and couch are usually your number one choices and exercise is way at the bottom of your priority list. However, apparently working out is beneficial for you while you are on your period. Here a few ways exercise can benefit you while on your period, I am trying to take this advice as well and work on working out more while on my period.

Food Cravings // When you are working out you can't be eating popcorn. Because that is what I crave when I am on my period! If I put effort into putting on my workout clothes and going to the gym and working out I am not going to throw it all away to have some junk food before dinner. So if I get myself to the gym I know I will be pretty successful in staying away from the popcorn rather than eating a whole bag to myself while watching a movie.

Mood Swings // Period = stay away from Ashley. I am never in a good mood on my period, but usually working out gets my frustration out. So even if I don't get in a high intensity workout while I am on my period, at least I try to get in a short run to try and release some anger...that I have no idea where it comes from.

 Change in Dates // Exercise can actually alter your periods and your periods can come early or come late; it is all determined by how much your regularly workout and if you increase your workout routine. 

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1 comment :

Not A Mom said...

I will say on the months that I have worked out more that my periods go alot better with much less cramps! Love this post, so relatable!
Linds @ Not A Mom