Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Pre-Wedding Jitters

It's wedding week for Ashley, and I'm so happy to be helping her out with this guest post so that she can just sit back and enjoy the festivities.

My husband and I have been married for almost 2 and a half years now and my, how time has flown! I really can't believe that it's been that long because it truly does feel like it was just yesterday.

Leading up to our big day, I had some pretty crazy pre wedding day jitters. Now, I'm not talking second thoughts here. I was 100% certain that I was making the right choice marrying Brad. I thought then, and still think now, that Brad is absolutely perfect. Having met in preschool and been best friends ever since, we had each seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. We knew what we were getting in to, and I was jumping in with both feet. I was beyond excited.

But those pre wedding jitters. Let me tell you, I had some weird ones. Today, I'm going to share 5 of my strangest Pre-Wedding Jitters with you all.

1. Forgetting my husband's ring
Seriously, I was terrified that I would forget it and when it came time to exchange rings, I would come up empty handed. I was certain that I had chosen the perfect ring. It was exactly what Brad wanted. A classy tungsten band. But what if I forgot it on the big day? There was so much to remember... what if I forgot this important piece? I think I checked my bags about 24 and a half times to make sure it was there. It always was. But I was still so worried that for some reason, I wouldn't have it in the big moment.

2. Saying I Do
Is it just me, or is this one really stressful moment? All eyes are on you. You obviously know what to say. You maybe even secretly practiced to get the inflection in your voice just right. Full of love and excitement without sounding silly. But I was so worried that when the moment came that my voice would be scratchy or I would be so emotional that it would come out all weird and weepy. Or maybe I would be so caught up in the beauty of it all that I would just forget to say anything at all!

3. Dancing
I love to dance. Getting all dressed up and getting swept off my feet is one of my very favorite things. I had looked forward to my first dance with my husband for as long as I could remember. But the one thing about the first dance that gave me the jitters was that everyone would be watching. For the other dances, others would join on the dance floor. They would be having their own conversations. But for the 3 minutes of our first dance, it was just me and Brad in the spotlight. I wanted to be able to just get lost in the moment. But what if I tripped on the train of my dress? What if I stepped on Brad's toe?

4. Forgetting people's names
This one may seem strange, but I was so worried that someone I should know would come up to congratulate us and I would try to introduce them to Brad and just totally space on their name... You know, one of those "Hey... you..."

5. What if hubby doesn't like my dress?
I loved my dress. It was very me. Simple yet elegant. But for some strange reason, I was terrified that the man of my dreams wouldn't like it. This was pretty much the most important dress of my life. We had been through the ringer with it too... days before the big day the alteration lady had some problems with it. Basically, she had to reconstruct a major portion of it that we weren't planning on and I didn't know if it was going to be ready on time. Add that stress to my already illegitimate fear of Brad not liking it and I was a mess over the dress.

On soaking up every moment

Yes, I had some pretty strange jitters. I think most brides do. But in the end, everything was absolutely wonderful. Was it perfect? Probably not. I'm sure there were things that didn't go 100% as planned. But in my memory, everything about the day was wonderful, magical, and perfect for me. To be totally honest, I was nervous about these things all the way to the end. But on the morning of our wedding, I was able to wake up and just let it all go. I remembered Brad's ring and he loved it. My voice wasn't scratchy when it was my turn to say "I do." Our first dance was so special and I didn't even notice anyone else in the world... it was just me and Brad alone, dancing into eternity. If I forgot people's names, I don't remember it now and it probably wasn't a big deal then. And Brad loved my dress. And it was ready on time!  No matter what else happened that day, Brad and I were married and that is what matters most. I don't remember the potential "flaws" in the day. But I do remember the magic that I felt in every moment. I remember the way Brad looked at me when he saw me for the first time in my dress. I remember the joy I felt when I officially became his wife. I remember the happiness of greeting our loved ones after the ceremony. I remember feeling content leaving the reception as husband and wife.

Perhaps those pre-wedding jitters keep us on our toes leading up to the big day, but I think the most important thing to do is just let it all go and soak up every moment of your big day.

Did you have any strange wedding jitters? How did you get through them?

A big congrats to Ashley this week on her wedding and best wishes.

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