Monday, November 9, 2015

What's in My Makeup Bag?

I love reading posts about what is in people's makeup bag or what is in their purse, because let's be honest I am nosey. If someone says I can go through their things, oh I am going to go through them and examine every thing! I thought it was about time to let the other nosey people in the world see what is in my makeup bag.

My makeup routine is pretty simple during the work week, throw some foundation on, add a little powder, add some eye shadow and some mascara. Usually my makeup process during the week takes about 5 minutes. When dressing up and going out, I put a little more effort into it and add some bronzer, eyeliner, use my good mascara, etc.

What is your favorite product?

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Not A Mom said...

I'm with you on the simple makeup routine, usually during the week I do as little as possible and then the weekend I doll up a little more than usual! How do you like that mascara?! Any recommendations with what you use? I'm always looking for new products!
Linds @ Not A Mom

christina @ the new mrs said...

The benefit mascara is my favorite! I definitely need to test out some new things and add to my collection - I always just stick with an item if I find it.

Caitlin Elizabeth said...

I love your makeup case! Our routines sound pretty similar, I definitely don't want to waste precious sleep time during the week doing a high maintenance look!

Jenn said...

i have a ton of makeup..literally drawers full..but i wear the same stuff over & over! I keep it in a bag on the top so i can easily access it. really need to get better about using more of my stuff!