Thursday, December 24, 2015

Be Merry: Christmas Q & A

Last week one of my favorite bloggers Sarah posted a Christmas Q&A and I thought I would join her. Tomorrow is Christmas- how did we already get here! I honestly can't believe it is Christmas already! This year has flown by!

what is your favorite Christmas memory?
My favorite Christmas memory would have to be the last one we had with my mom. My grandmother had just opened her brand new Michael Kors purse from my grandfather and the look on her face was just awful...which at first we weren't sure why because she wrapped it and picked it out! Well about an hour later she went back to the purse and the same face appeared...something clearly was wrong. After my mom kept bugging her about it we realized the purse was losing its fullness as my grandmother says and was laying too flat so my grandmother went around the room and picked up almost every piece of paper that was on the ground and began stuffing her purse to make it full again. My mom found it so ridiculous that my grandmother was doing this and made all of these hilarious jokes. Last Christmas, my grandmother got another purse, and although my mom is not here with us we made sure her spirit was by giving her paper to stuff her purse before she could even think about it along with tons of jokes.

name a favorite Christmas tradition?
Christmas Day is a BUSY day for us. We usually start with breakfast at my grandmothers then open presents then have lunch and then I go to my Dads open presents and then we drive 2 hours to my other grandmothers and have dinner and then open presents there as well. But 2 of my favorite traditions is that at my grandmothers in the morning we all sit in the same place every single year and we have been for about 10 years and my other grandparents house if I don't have hot apple cider to drink while opening presents then it just doesn't feel like Christmas.

winter Starbucks drink order?
peppermint mocha

what is your favorite winter treat?
I haven't had it in about 2 years but my mom used to make the best chocolate peanut butter fudge. I am on the hunt for her recipe so I can carry on the tradition.

favorite sounds of the season?
mariah carey's all I want for Christmas...I can't get enough of it

snow or no snow?
I would love to have snow. I think it has only snowed a handful of times on Christmas Eve/Day. We go to the mountains the day after Christmas every year and it is always a lot prettier with a blanket of snow covering the ground.

what is your typical Christmas fashion?
We usually stay in our PJ's up until we are ready to leave for my mommas. I will then typically throw on leggings, boots, and a festive top. 

what is number one on your wish list this year?
anything with my new monogram. I have to start new on my monogram collection...they are all with my maiden name and now that I have a new monogram I don't even want to use any of my old monogrammed stuff.

favorite Christmas movie?
My favorite Christmas movie has changed over the years...when my mom was alive I was so tired of a Christmas Story basically because as soon as December started it was on 24/7 in her house. Now I find myself watching it every chance I get.

favorite Christmas scent?
Christmas Cookie

Don't forget to post your answers to the questions either in the comments or in your own post! 

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Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

Yayyy! I am so glad you did the Q&A! I love Christmas Cookie scented candles! I also love the struggle of a new monogram! fortunately/unfortunately I won't have to go through that. I am a tiny bit bummed because I think it's be exciting but my wallet will be happy to not have to replace all of my monogram apparel/houseware/stickers!