Monday, December 7, 2015

Monogrammed Wish List

Monogrammed items make things so much more special. I personally LOVE having anything and everything monogrammed! I love it so much I actually had a Monograms & Mimosas Bridal Shower back in June. Now that my monogram is no long A C E, and that is what pretty much all of my monogrammed items are, I need to replenish my monogrammed collection to include A S C. I got a lot of good goodies at my bridal shower, but there are still many many things still on my wish list!

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Anonymous said...

I love the umbrella and mail box!

Lisa { Showered With Design } said...

Love the mail box decal! I need to make one for myself!
I'd love to send you a car decal to show on your blog :)

Stephanie Chalk said...

I'm a big believer that if it can be monogrammed than it should be! Love the umbrella and headband! Xo, Stephanie