Monday, December 21, 2015

{ Stephenson Winter Bucket List // Christmas Party }

Christmas parties are one of my favorite things about the Holidays! I love getting all dressed up in red and green and showing our holiday spirit! Every year 2 of our close friends host a Christmas party at their house - this is the 3rd year they have done it! The first year it was pretty big but as the years go on it has gotten smaller - just the way I like it! We all brought something to eat and played games and just enjoyed the festive time!

This year I made the Funfetti Cake Batter Dip and it was so good! We had Buffalo Chicken dip, BBQ sliders, mac n cheese, sausage balls and a mexican dip. Needless to say we hardly had any food left over!

We were lucky enough to get to enjoy multiple Christmas parties this year. We went to a themed one (Tacky coming) and we also got to go to my company Christmas party. These past few weekends have been filled with Christmas parties and I love it! 

Usually we have the company Christmas party down by our pond at our house, but since it is always a mess after everyone leaves we decided to try something else this year. This year we rented a space not too far from our house to have the party. Having the party somewhere else saved us from having to clean up and left the responsibility of the entire event on someone else's shoulders and not my dads. It was nice being able to leave the party and not have to still hear people partying from my bedroom. The only downfall was that my purse along with my friends purse got stolen out of our car. We don't think it was anyone from the party, there were some other random people there. So today I am having to go to the bank and open up all new accounts...headache from hell.

What is left on my list?

+ go ice skating downtown
+ build a snowman
+ make a gingerbread house
+ attend a hockey game
+ decorate Christmas cookies
+ decorate our Christmas tree
+ go to a Christmas party
+ go to an ugly sweater Christmas party
+ go see Christmas lights
+ make fireplace s'mores

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