Thursday, January 14, 2016

A New Journey

Well, I  took the plunge and I attended my first yoga class. My friend Whitney and I have been talking about it since before the Holidays and wanted to start the new year off right. I did a little research and found a studio that was about 5 minutes from Whitney's house and about 10 minutes from my work, so it was perfect!

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I went and bought my mat the weekend before and was so excited to start this new challenge. I met Whitney 30 minutes before the class so we could get there early, meet the instructor, pay our fees, fill out the paper work and get in the vibe of yoga. We were both nervous because we weren't sure what to expect, we were serious beginners; I have never done anything yoga-ish in my life. We were worried we would be the worse people in the class and the others would judge us. But as soon as we walked in we were welcomed with such a big smile by the instructor and she gave us a tour of the yoga studio, helped us get our mats set up and grab our yoga toys for the class. After having such a great first impression from the instructor my nerves eased a little bit, she reassured us that everyone has their own practice of yoga and not to be worried if we aren't as flexible as the others. 

People started arriving as we were finishing up paying and started warming up for yoga. Whit and I went to go sit down on our mats and felt a little awkward because we weren't sure exactly what we should be we just sort of copied what some of the others were doing. Everyone in the class was super sweet and they introduced themselves before the class started. 

Then the class started and we did yoga and stretching and it was hard, a lot harder than I had expected yoga to be. I was doing pretty well following what the instructor was doing when she was doing the moves with us, but once she started walking around I was lost and kept having to look around at what other people were doing, but we were able to follow pretty well.

At the end of class I looked at Whitney and we both said "OMG that was hard" but we both loved it! We signed up for 5 more classes! We are both really excited to start this new journey!

Have you ever tried yoga? What did you think of it?

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Meghan Rader said...

Great! I need to try and get back into yoga.

Life with Lolo said...

I really want to try yoga this year too, but I'm scared! I have terrible balance and I'm not flexible at all. Still I guess I need to start somewhere, I can only get better right?

Nadine Lynn said...

Kudos to you for braving a yoga class, that is awesome!!! Sounds like you might have found a new love :)