Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Bachelor Season 20: Week Three

Week three live recap here. There were 2 one on ones and 1 big group date. Both sets of twins are still here, Lace sent herself home and big mouth Olivia is still on her way to possibly marrying Ben Higgins.

+Lauren B's date. I would be terrified getting on that little plane. It was really cute that Ben took into consideration that she was a flight attendant and took her on a type of plane she has never been on before. And their kiss...probably an awkward one with those mics in their way.

+oh my gosh. I love that the plane went right over the bachelor mansion. that is freaking hilarious!

+Ben must really like hot tubs; this is his second date involving a hot tub. But how relaxing would that hot tub be in the middle of no where!

+Who is Rachel? I haven't seen, or well I guess noticed her, since the show began.

+Let's just say I want to go on the Bachelor so I could get a private concert. Can I have Luke Bryan though please? 

+That is a lot of girls for one group date. I would be thrilled to play soccer on a date. I bet some of these girls don't even know who Alex and Kelley are..

+I can already tell Olivia is going to be so aggressive in this soccer game...its all about winning.

+I know all the girls are living in one house and the only thing they really have in common is that they are all here for Ben, but I would find it really awkward crying and talking to the other girls about my feelings for Ben.

+Seeing Olivia so mad that Emily is saving all these goals is hilarious. Olivia just needs to lose. DANG. Her team won.

+I love Ben in his leather jacket #sexy

+Amber...we are well aware you didn't get any time with him last week. You'll get your time sweetie.

+Lace saying Olivia is very aggressive..girl you are crazy and aggressive. hush yo mouth.

+I really am not a fan of Olivia but the other girls talking about her toes is just straight up jealousy. 

+Jubilee's excitement. I loved it! She was feeling so down earlier so I am so glad she got a one on one date. 

+As of right now we are an hour into the show and surprisingly Lace hasn't acted crazy. Maybe she realized she was acting like a nut job and decided to not do that anymore.

+Amber told ya girl you would get your time and it paid off because you got that rose!

+Oh gosh Olivia you aren't going to get a rose every time. You can tell yourself that you didn't get a rose because he can't give you one every time, but I don't think that is the case.

+Well that is awkward...Jubilee called Ben out for being late and when he asked if she was excited she just blew it off as a joke and said no. And then she asks if anyone else wants to go on her date...WTF. You are gonna fail on your date. But to be honest I can be socially awkward so that would probably be me as well...

+Ahhh..take me to a castle. Props to Jubilee to trying the caviar! If I were on that date it would not have gone anywhere near my mouth. Ben would have had to get a pre approved menu from me that probably consisted of something off the kids menu.

+Jubilee's story is heartbreaking, but it is so inspiring for her to be such a positive person. I find it really wonderful that she is going after something and putting herself in that vulnerable state to find love.

+One of my favorite parts about the Bachelor and the rose ceremonies are getting to see all the girls dresses.

+Ben probably should not have told all the girls that he was looking for someone in times when someone passes to just sit and talk to after it happens, because everyone is going to jump on that. And of course Olivia was the first to steal him away and too bad she didn't comfort him at all just talked about how she hated her legs.

+I think Jubilee giving Ben a massage was great way to comfort him. I get that the girls are mad that she already has a rose but just because she already has a rose does't mean she doesn't still want time with him. You gotta fight for keeps as Sarah always says and Jubilee is doing just that! 

+I guess I also understand Ambers point on the situation with Jubilee, she has a rose and she isn't flaunting it around. But I really don't think Amber needed to go upstairs and call Jubilee out in front of Ben. And I am so glad Ben stuck up for Jubilee, like that was rude of Amber. 

+And then Lace grabs him right as he was sitting down to calm down and take it all in. OMG is she going to tell him she is going home. Yep...shes going home. She was crazy but I give her a lot of props to owning up and realizing she needs to work on herself before she brings someone else into her life.

+Uh oh Olivia only 2 roses left. Still think save the best for last? Dang....she was right. 

+Olivia is all about these little probably not intentional signals she is getting from Ben.

What did you think of this weeks episode? Girl Talk's Bachelor Recap will be taking a break next week while I am on vacation in Mexico but I will be back for Week 5 recap!

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