Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Puerto Vallarta Recap

Mexico was beautiful and I miss being in the sun and relaxing! So I am recapping my trip from last week on the blog today! 

So, if you are from the South you might have gotten hit with that snow/ice storm we got last week. Yea, well it almost ruined our free trip! Every year our distributor from work gives each company that qualifies (meaning who spends a lot of money with their company) 2 people from your company and 2 guests to go on an all inclusive free vacation. This year it was at the Grand Fiesta Americana in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. Timmy and I went and went with another co-worker and his girlfriend.

So the plan the entire week was to leave RDU at 7am, have a connecting flight in Chicago and arrive in Mexico at around 1:30pm. Well the day before we left (Friday) snow and ice filled the ground and flights were getting cancelled left and right. Our flight got cancelled on Thursday night and we were freaking out! We spent all day Friday wondering if we would be able to get out on Saturday. Friday I went into work for a little and then had my husband come pick me up because it started getting really bad out there. My plan was to go home and pack but we thought there was no way we were going to get out of RDU the next morning so instead we made a fire and drank wine. About a bottle and a half later we get an update (ps it is 10pm on Friday night) that we have been issued a new flight and it is an hour earlier than our original flight. [insert panic mode] That meant we had to get up at about 1:20am, leave our house at 2:00am, be at our friends house at 3:00am and be at the airport at 4:00am...all in snow and ice! So I quickly packed, not really knowing what was in my bag and if I had everything and tried my hardest to go to sleep. Well, I couldn't I slept about an hour before it was 12am and got up and showered and waited for Timmy to get up. Finally we were all ready to leave and we were headed to our friends house.

We got to the airport, slowly but surely, checked in and waited for the flight. The airport was empty, there were only 13 flights that flew out of RDU on that Saturday. We stopped in Detroit and ended up in beautiful Puerto Vallarta at around 1:30 and were greeted with a welcome beer!

When we got to the resort we were greeted with such smiling faces! We went straight up to the room dropped our luggage off and enjoyed the view! Puerto Vallarta is on the West Coast side of Mexico, so it was a completely different view from our Honeymoon. This trip we had such gorgeous Mountains surrounding us!

After we enjoyed the view for a little we immediately hit the pool! Unfortunately the pool was FREEZING, so we spent most of the time in the chairs. We did try a new shot that became one of our favorite shots the entire weekend, Shit in the Grass. It is a melon liquor, vodka, topped with pina colada and a drop of chocolate syrup! It was delicious! After a few shit in the grasses we went up to the room ordered room service and went straight to bed. I think we were asleep by about 8 on our first night, but we had also been up since about 1am!


The next morning we woke up feeling refreshed, grabbed some breakfast, booked our excursions and hit the pool! The weather was gorgeous there, the highs were around 80 degrees with a breeze. We spent most by the pool, but then before we went to get ready for dinner and the Panthers game we went up to the Sky Bar. It was a rooftop bar at the resort where you could sit in a hot tub, layout or just hang out at the bar. It was one of my favorite places!

After we had enough sun and drinks, we all got ready and met at the grill on the resort and grabbed a seat before the Panthers game! Everyone at the resort were all here with ABC supply and from the South so it was crazy! We cheered on the Panthers had a few Yes We Cam shots and celebrated that we will be in the Superbowl this weekend!


Monday was a day for just me and Timmy; Brittany and Marc ended up going on a ziplining excursion all day and we just relaxed by the pool. By the time they got back it was almost time for our Welcome Dinner so we met them for dinner and then were so exhausted from the day before we called it an early night and went to bed.


Tuesday we were ready to party again! We got out to the pool early, grabbed our chairs and went straight to the bar. We wanted to have a fun day because we knew we weren't going to do much that night because we had planned an early excursion the next day. Tuesday was all about the frozen girly drinks, getting tan and going in the ocean. The four of us had so much fun just hanging out at the resort and enjoying the free drinks. When we went into the ocean we took the GoPro and it caught some really cool photos, especially the sequence of the waves; how funny is the sequence of events below!!

We look all cute here...

Timmy and Britt see a wave coming

The wave is here...

And it got us.

After getting burnt we went to dinner at the Italian restaurant on the resort and oh my goodness was it delicious. After we ate way too much we hit the hay; we had to be up at 6am for our excursion!


This was one of my favorite days of the trip! We booked an excursion to take us to the Las Marietas Islands where we could snorkel, swim to the hidden beach, paddle board or kayak! We were all most excited about the hidden beach! We got on the boat and had an extremely cold ride to the islands, we put on our wet suits (bc for some off reasons jelly fish were there when they usually arent) and got into a small boat and headed closer to the island.

When we got close enough to the island they told us to jump out of the boat and start swimming. UMMM. I started getting scared. I mean we had just seen a huge humpback whale on our way over here and they just wanted me to jump out into the open water...yeah right. I eventually did but was practically screaming the entire time for Timmy not to leave my side. 

In order to get to the hidden beach we had to swim into a cave and under the water to get to it. It was scary because the waves were coming in and you would hit your head at the top of the cave. But once we got in there it was beautiful!

After the cave it was time to snorkel. We jumped in again and I refused to put on my mask. I didn't want to see what was below me. I know I may have been lame but if I had looked and seen what was under me I probably would have cried. So after Timmy snorkeled for about 15 minutes and I just treaded water behind him, we went back up to the boat and ate lunch. Before we knew it it was time to go back to the resort. Later that night we met up with some people from Raleigh and with a Raleigh rep from ABC. He took us all out to dinner in town and it was delicious (blogger fail I got no pictures!). We ended the night at the lobby bar way past our bed time!


Woke up feeling like I stayed out and partied way too much on Wednesday night. Somehow we ended back at the pool for one last day, but we remained sober that is for sure. We enjoyed our last day relaxing! That night we went out again for one last dinner with the same group we went out with the night before! 


We packed up our stuff and said goodbye to the beautiful Puerto Vallarta! We had so much fun on this trip and it was such a different experience from our Honeymoon. We thoroughly enjoyed both trips! 

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Emily said...

The resort and water looks amazing! Lucky you for getting a free trip!

Savannah Nichols said...

I would have been the same way about the snorkeling. It totally freaks me out! My husband and I booked a snorkeling excursion on our honeymoon and I ended up backing out. I just couldn't get over swimming with the fish that could touch me. Lol

Kim said...

It looks beautiful there and that shot looks yummy....gotta be a great place if they welcome you with a cold beer

Mistle Petrey said...

The resort and water look amazing!!! I have never been to Puerto Vallarta but I heard it is beautiful (seeing your pictures I will have to agree). When I went to Cancun we swam in an underwater cave and I slightly freaked out because I was like please don't let me drown! Of course I was slightly overreacting. It was a lot of fun!

Anna said...

Wow looks like you had a lot of fun! I need to try that shot!

Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

so freakin gorgeous! I love all your travel recaps! Did you stay at an all inclusive resort or a regular one? I am glad you had fun!