Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Stephenson Wedding {Bridal Party Photos}

You have seen pictures of the  Bridesmaids and you have seen photos of the  Groomsmen. Now let's see some of everyone together. I must say we were a pretty good looking group!!

First I want to start off this  Wedding Wednesday post with a shot of my grandpa. He takes his camera everywhere and thought he should be the most important photographer there and stand in front of the photographers I was actually paying.

We really only took one shot of everyone together, which I regret but we were a little short on time. AND there were a huge group of us so I know it would have been difficult to move everyone into different positions. But the one shot we got was great!

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next week: meet the flower girl

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Dave Macy said...

Even though you only have one photo of the group, it is a really great one! Y'all look perfect!

Christina Lea Loves said...

I love the girls dresses!

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

A very dapper group! Great dresses!

Nikki @ makeupHER said...

Bummer that it was only one shot, but it's a great one too!! That is a large wedding party so I totally understand it being time consuming getting everyone ready for pictures.

Emelia at Dream Big & Buy the Shoes said...

Your grandpa....that is hilarious and so cute! We had a huge party too, and only got a few shots. I had about 5 I missed from the whole day total which isn't bad considering the thousand pictures we did get. Still love those dresses!