Monday, August 22, 2016

Weekend Recap: UNC Bound

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Well this weekend was an emotional one. I moved my baby sister into her first college dorm. It was sad. It was crazy. It was hot. But most of all it was a memory I will remember forever.

She had moved in majority of the big stuff and just put it in her corner a few days before her actual move in day so it made things a lot easier, we just had to get it organized and set up for her!

Her roommate was not there so we had the entire room to spread out in and get things organized. And it was a good thing because we showed up with 6 people. But it made things go faster. I helped organize her drawers and clothes while the men built the furniture. It took a couple of hours but it was all done and set up.

Then after a little stalling the inevitable came and it was time to say goodbye. I was doing so well up until the last hug and I just lost it. Saying goodbye to my baby sister was so hard. Even though I know she is only about 30 minutes away knowing she is off at college was emotional.

After we left UNC we went home and relaxed on the couch. We were exhausted. We went to bed and watched Gatsby!

Sunday morning came and it was time for Sunday Funday! We haven't had a Sunday Funday in awhile and I am sure going to miss these summer Sunday Fundays by the water. Last Wednesday was my MOH birthday so we celebrated by spending the day floating on the river. We went to Lillington to  Cape Fear Adventures, about 25 minutes from our house. 

I will admit I was a little nervous at first. I was nervous about touching the bottom of the river and the snakes, but luckily we never saw a snake and I got used to touch the bottom. It helped that the bottom was just rocks and not sand.

It took about 4.5 hours to float the 2 mile river and it was an absolute blast! We are thinking about doing it again for Labor Day for Timmy's birthday!

Have you ever gone floating down a river?

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Chesson | Magnolia+Main said...

Floating down the river looks like fun! We have a river where you can do that about 5 minutes from my house but I have yet to go... mainly because of the snake-fear, haha. Hopefully I'll get down there soon to check it out!

Erika Powell said...

We float down the Dan River a few times every summer and it is always awesome. I agree that I hate touching the bottom so I invested in some crappy water shoes from the dollar store and problem solved!

Kate at Green Fashionista said...

Floating down the river is the perfect way to cap off the weekend! And love how many of you came out to help little sis get set up in her first dorm! So exciting and it looks great :-D
Green Fashionista

BLovedBoston said...

I think it's awesome that you helped your little sister move!! You should go to some of her parties LOL! xo, biana -BlovedBoston

Rachel McCarthy said...

How sweet of you to help move your sister into her dorm! Oh I remember the days of moving into those tiny rooms -- good that the roommate wasn't there so you could get things done! Happy Monday!

xo, Rachel
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