Friday, September 30, 2016

Tone It Up: 31 Day Challenge

Good morning!! Well, I have decided to dive into the  Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge! I saw  Mistle mention it this week and thought, this is perfect timing for me; I have a cruise in December and am going on a short little vacation in a few weeks. So it is the perfect time to start getting toned up again, especially before the Holidays! 

The challenge starts tomorrow and I am ready for it! In the past I have been really bad at keeping up with challenges and seeing them all the way through, but I have faith in myself this time. And plus I have been waking up at 4:40am for the past month almost 4 times a week to get a workout at the gym in before work, so that is something new for me. 

I decided to take some before pictures, not that I am expecting to lose a lot of weight or all of a sudden be toned in all the right areas, but as a motivation to keep going even after the 31 days is up. Maybe I will do this challenge over again or try and find a new challenge. I kinda forgot to take the pictures until I walked into the gym this morning, so they aren't the best before pictures but they will do!

Have you ever tried the Tone It Up 31 Day Challenge?

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