Monday, January 9, 2017

101 in 1001 Update No. 5

2017 is here and that means I only have a little over a year left to complete the rest of the items on my  101 in 1001 list. Since I  last updated you all, I have made a little more progress!  

  • Dress up for Halloween - COUPLE STYLE - I was finally able to convince Timmy to dress up with me for Halloween. We dressed up as Jack & Coke!

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  • Professional pictures taken (other than wedding photos) - Timmy and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary last month and had photos taken! See my favorites in this  post!
  • Attend 5 concerts - we saw Jason Aldean in September and Corey Smith in October. Completing our 5 concerts!

  • Go on a cruise with Timmy - We went with 4 of our good friends on a cruise this past month and it was so much fun! We are already planning our next trip!
  • Take a photo together every day for 1 year - I cannot believe we have completed this! We really did this! We were only apart 1 day and we facetimed and took our picture - that is pure dedication!

  • Go ice skating in DT Raleigh with Timmy - after 5 years I got him to go ice skating with me while we celebrated our  1 year anniversary!
A photo posted by Ashley Stephenson (@ashleyc_stephenson) on

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