Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Winter Entertaining Ideas

I love having people over for any occasion, whether it be for a small get together with just dinner with friends or a full out party with lots of decorations and themed food. Either way, entertaining runs through my family; all the women in my family love to host parties and get togethers. Now, some of you may be thinking more family gatherings haven't we have enough with Thanksgiving and all of Christmas just last month? Of course not! Here are some fun little winter entertaining ideas you can host!

Hot Chocolate Bar Party -  Keep warm during those bitter cold winter nights with hot chocolate!

S'more Bar - Grab a bunch of warm blankets, firewood and all the ingredients for a s'more bar! Curl up next to the fire with some of your closest friends and roast s'mores!

Superbowl Party - Who doesn't love a superbowl party!? All that amazing food that gets prepared and all the good company you surround yourself with? Makes it even better if one of your teams is in the superbowl! 

Do you like hosting or attending parties?

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