Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Wedding Wednesday { 7 Reasons to Hire a Wedding Planner }

So you have the ring and now you are ready to start planning. You think you have an idea of what colors you might want, you think you know what your budget is going to be and you think you have a date set! Right now you are the happiest you can be and nothing is going to get you down. But what happens when 6 months into the planning and the caterer has to cancel or the DJ charges you more than he said he was? 

This is where you are going to wish you had thought about hiring a wedding planner in the beginning! A wedding planner is there to help you and guide you through the planning so you have a happy and are stress free during the process. As soon as I got engaged, I called up my old wedding planning boss and hired her! If you are in the wedding planning process, I urge you to seriously consider hiring a planner - take a look below at some reasons why it is a good idea to hire one!

one // it is their job
This isn't their first wedding they have planned or maybe it is, if it is I would reconsider your planner unless it is your best friend. But they know what they are doing - trust them.

two // mediator
Do you have someone in the family that likes to voice their opinion even when unwanted? The wedding planner can help mediate family meetings and really get to the bottom of what you, as the bride, wants.

three // budgeting
Wedding planners know typically what a DJ cost or what a filet for 150 should cost, if they see someone is ripping you off they can help you get back to your budget. Since they know the price tag of everything in the wedding industry they are able to help you stay on budget but also make it your dream wedding.

four // timeline
They can make sure all your main events happen at the right time and you don't forget to throw your bouquet at the end of the night. On the day of our wedding, I blinked and it was time to take out the bobby pins and take off the dress. Had it not been for my wedding planner I would have never stayed on a timeline for the dances and all the cake cuttings.

five // pinterest in real life
They are a walking pinterest board for ideas. They have literally probably seen everything a wedding could have and can offer ideas. See a DIY on Pinterest? Run it by your wedding planner first to see if she knows how it may turn out! You can also throw a whole bunch of ideas at them and they can help turn your ideas into a vision and bring it to life.

six // body guard
There are going to be times during the reception where you just want some peace and don't want anyone coming up to you. Tell your planner and they will get you away from everyone. Or in the unfortunate case there are people that you did not invite to the wedding but have a fear they may show up, they are there to tell the people they are not welcome. 

seven // problem solver
No wedding goes smoothly, but the guests may not know that and that is because of the wedding planner. I have mentioned in a previous post about how the catering tent caught fire when I was a wedding planner intern but no one knew because we got everyone out the back door for the grand exit. There are going to be problems throughout the day, but that is not for the bride or groom to worry about. Having a wedding planner takes the stress off of the bride the day of because the wedding planner takes care of everything.

However, there are different levels of wedding planners, you don't necessarily have to have a wedding planner throughout the entire planning but I definitely suggest at least a day of coordinator. You don't want your catering tent to catch fire and have everyone running in a panic!! 

I am so thankful for Tracy and all the help she provided during planning my dream wedding!

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Marette Flora said...

That's great you found an awesome planner! I had to rely on a planner because we had a destination wedding. :)

Mistle Petrey said...

I am actually not using a wedding planner to plan my wedding. I am doing it all myself (of course I have help from family & friends). I have booked all the big things so far and slowly working through everything else. These are all great points though girl!!!

Allison said...

My wedding planner really did help my Pinterest dreams come true!

Babies To Bookworms said...

I love the walking Pinterest board comparison! So often I look at Pinterest and think "I could do that". How great to have someone with the experience to stop me!

Mar Ward said...

We did our wedding completely ourselves, and while I don't regret it in one way, a wedding planner would definitely help with the timing, flow and small details.

Valerie Stimac of Valerie & Valise said...

I'm not due to get married any time soon, but I am definitely planning on hiring a wedding planner. These reasons make them all worth it!

Samantha said...

Yes to all of this! We didn't use a wedding planner, but now I'm kind of wishing we had! Things would have been so much easier for us and for our families. :)