Sunday, January 21, 2018

Snow Day | January 17 & 18, 2018

Well, North Carolina got hit with some good snow this past week and it was beautiful! It is rare that we get to see snow here and it actually accumulate to a good amount, but this time it did and we took full advantage of it! 

The snow started coming in around lunch time on Wednesday and quickly started accumulating and sticking to the ground. Schools had already been cancelled for the day but Timmy and I went into work in the morning to get some stuff down before we took the afternoon off for a snow day. When it really started snowing Timmy and I left work and headed home.

One of our good friend, Caitlin, lives just down the road, so we planned to have some snow beers with her and her boyfriend. FYI snow beers are my favorite type of beers. The afternoon was spent throwing snow balls, watching the snow continue to come down and playing with Opie in the snow!

After we had enough of the cold snow, we headed to the grocery store - luckily they were open and thankful for 4 wheel drive - to get dinner for everyone! We made Buffalo Chicken pasta and everyone scarfed it down! We ended the night playing the game What Do You Meme, if you have never played you should buy it and try it out! It was so funny!

The next morning, we woke up to a beautiful winter wonderland! Roads were OK to drive but Timmy and I decided to take full advantage and not go into work. We are very lucky we work for a company that allows snow days, because they are so rare we wanted to really enjoy it!

Yes, that is our backyard and our backyard is the most beautiful when it is covered in snow! We met up with Jimmy and Caitlin again and decided to sled behind the four wheeler! It took longer to get everything together than we actually ended up riding. But the few times I did get pulled behind the four wheeler, it was a lot of fun! The boys did it more than I did but it was definitely a good time.

We had a few more snow beers and then decided to go out for a late lunch at the draft house right by our house. We filled up on appetizers and then went home and crashed on the couch. Snow day was over and it was time to prepare to go back to work. 

Well, that was our snow days we had recently! I hope we get to have 1 more snow day, but with NC weather and it being 60 degrees today I really doubt we will! What do you do on your snow days?

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Cait Elisabeth said...

Wow! You all got a TON of snow- we had a few inches last week which was crazy in ATL! So glad you had a great time!

Lily A. said...

How fun!! I love that you are carrying your big pup, so cute!

Nikki G said...

I love reading your blog when you talk about where you live because my brother lives near Raleigh. So I almost feel like we are kin. LOL
:) gwingal