Tuesday, June 12, 2018

How We Surprised My Dad for His 50th Birthday

This past weekend we surprised my dad for the second year in a row for his birthday at his own house! Last year we had planned to go to the beach but last minute plans fell through so we through together a quick little surprise party in two days! It worked and he was surprised and we all had a blast. This year, he turns 50 (his birthday is this Sunday) and we knew we had to do something for him but making plans with my dad is so difficult, so another surprise party it was! 

I was a little mad I wasted his surprise party on his 49th birthday last year, but back then we were desperate for something and I wasn't really thinking about what we would do for his 50th. So when it came time to figure out what we were going to do for his 50th we came up blank, other than a pool party at his house.

Last year was the first summer we got to enjoy the pool area my dad had built, called The Gulley, and it is a pretty awesome space.

It is the perfect place to host a party, so we just sucked it up and decided to throw him another surprise party there. But we were determined to make it a little different, this time we decided to have a pool party during the day on Sunday! It worked out perfectly, we had a great turnout and my dad was definitely surprised! It helped we also did it the weekend before his actual birthday!

We were able to keep the surprise until right before the party. I had told my dad I was coming over for a pool day and the plan was to keep him busy while we got everyone to the Gulley. Well, he saw people walking but couldn't figure out exactly who they were but he just knew it wasn't going to be just us at the pool. 
We were able to pull of the surprise and had a great time celebrating his big 5-0! 

We had so much food too! I made an entire spread, that I didn't even get to enjoy! You know when you are the party planner and you are running around and forget to eat and when you finally go to eat all the food is gone. Typical. But I am so glad everyone else got to enjoy it! We had buffalo chicken dip, sausage dip, chips and salsa, jersey mike sandwiches, pimento cheese, cookies, brownies and even some cupcakes with my Dad's face on them!

These cupcake toppers were a hit! Come back later this week for a post on how to make them for your next party!

Thank goodness we had a beautiful day, we were all able to get in the pool and enjoy the sunshine!

The party was a success and I am so glad we were able to surprise my dad and celebrate 50 years! But next year, maybe we will just do dinner! Something a little less stressful!

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