Friday, May 9, 2014

Five on Friday

This will be my first time linking up and posting a Five on Friday and I am pretty excited.

[[ ONE ]]

Ask any of my closest friends what my favorite animal is and they will immediately say an elephant. Which is why i was so excited when I came across this Elephant iPhone background on Pinterest. I love the colors and design and have made it my background on my phone!

[[  TWO ]]

This week I started this new weight loss plan. I always tried to workout everyday but now I am going to force myself to workout at least 4 days a week. I also tried this Pink Drink - called Plexus Slim. I will let you know how it goes once I have been on it for a few weeks!

[[ THREE ]]

Everyone loves a good mid-week manicure. Especially when you get a bright fun color. During my lunch break one day I went with my other little sister to get our nails done - it was nice to spend some time with her. It is hard for us to find some time to spend together because both of our schedules are so busy and there is a 10 year age gap between us.

[[ FOUR ]]

Just so you know, Timothy and I are obsessed with 24! And it came back on this past Monday. You don't know how excited we were. We didn't watch all the other seasons while it aired - when it was airing I thought it was dumb - probably because I was a 19-20 year old and didn't care about shows like that. Now that I am almost 24 and shows like 24 are my favorite - Timothy and I watched all the seasons this past summer on Netflix. I mean we watched 8 seasons in a course of like 2-3 months. So needless to say we could not wait for the new season to start.

[[ FIVE ]]

Thursday night Timothy and I cooked out with some good friends. We cooked some steaks and mac n cheese. It was delicious! Grilling out with friends is always one of my favorite things to do!

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