Thursday, September 3, 2015

21 Day Arm Challenge Round 2

Well I did it again. I did a second round of the 21 Day Arm Challenge. You can read about my first results here, but if you just want pictures stay here :). Shout out to my girl Nadine for introducing me to this arm workout! You would think these arm workouts get easier during the second round but I still found my muscles getting tired. I just love this arm challenge because it gives me the exact schedule and it is quick and easy!

I completed my first 21 days on August 6th and immediately went and started again with a 1 day break in between, finishing my 2nd round on August 28th.  

LEFT ARM: July 17th


LEFT ARM: August 28th

RIGHT ARM: July 17th

RIGHT ARM: August 6th

RIGHT ARM: August 28th

There is not as much difference in my arms between August 6th and 28th except you can see a little more muscle detail. In person I can tell a difference from when I first started to now that my arms are not as know when you hold your arm out and wiggle and see all that disgusting fat just whaling around..yea I still have some but it definitely has decreased in the whaling around. That is the biggest part for me...I don't want it to do that. So I am going to go for it again..but this time I am going to add in another arm challenge (the one pictured below)...this one is 30 days so I will start the 30 days and then the 21 days on the appropriate date and finish them the same day! Check back in about 30 days for another update!!

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1 comment :

Nadine Lynn said...

I can see that line starting to form on your inner arm!! Go girl!!! I ended up adding a second arm work out to the first one in my third month too. It has made a difference :)