Thursday, July 2, 2015

The Time I Had No Responsibility

I graduated from college a few years ago. 2013 was the year I entered into the real world. Summer of 2013 was the year I could no longer sleep in until whenever I wanted. 

The only responsibility in college was to have fun, make it to my 11am classes and consume a little too much alcohol. But now I have responsibilities and I have since I walked across that stage in 2013.

But I like looking back at the times when I didn't. Let's see what college taught me.

Hide yo alcohol if you a'int 21.

College is a time to experiment. Experiment which cups work the best to conceal that there is alcohol in your cup. That cup in my hand worked...but I was also at a State Game and everyone drinks there.

 No Shot Pictures.

If you aren't 21, don't do this. This is dumb. Well this is dumb no matter how old you are unless it is documenting a special occasion or you have a big group.

Glow Parties.

Just face it. College = Glow Parties. You will go to them, have a blast, come home and regret that you wore those great white shorts! Now they have highlighter stuff all over them and they are ruined. Oh and you might be worried about the photos that are posted the next day on facebook from said Glow Party.

Club Outfits.

No you could not usually find me at the Club, but when I did go this is one of the outfits I wore. Embarrassing. Like seriously...what was I thinking...I also remembered I loved that dress EWWW. Dress classy ladies, not trashy.

Margaritas and Mexican.

In comes my favorite combo. Margs and mexican. These nights became a regular and I think they will for every college student. They taught me how to get eat and drink cheap.

Spring Break.

Do it. Go on Spring Break with your friends. 

Crazy Moments.

There are going to be some crazy picture moments and you just gotta embrace them.


I learned to shotgun a lime-a-rita...not well but I did and I still practice it every now and then.

Small space, a lot of people.

You will do anything for that picture though. Like cramming 10 people in a tiny apartment kitchen.

Take your shoes off.

A few tips on this one. If you are going to pass out, take your shoes off. Also, make sure you know the person whose bed you are about to pass out on..luckily this is my fiance in my room months after we had been dating.


Beer boxes are a great and cheaper alternative to painting or wallpaper.


Always invest in a good comforter for those mornings that you can't even make it to your 11am class because you spend $10 on dollar drink night on a Wednesday night.

Stripper Poles

Stripper Poles are always a good idea and a great photo prop. Always seize the moment!


The picture isn't about the is about the table below. Ever head of a trashcan? 


There will be a lot of regrets. Like that one time I died my hair black and went out with that much make up on my eyes....

Becoming a regular.

at the Tattoo/Piercing salon closest to your house. 

No need for alarm clocks.

When you have pots and pans.

High School Friends

No one will ever replace your high school friends.

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Sarah Emily said...

SO much YES to this post. Literally every single one I was cracking up and reminiscing on my college days. I LOVE this post so so so much!

Ashley Lee said...

Margaritas, beer, crap load of people in a small house... those were the days! :P

Jacquelyn @ Due South said...

I graduated the same year.. and this is EXACTLY what college was like for me! It was fun while it lasted lol but I don't think I could handle it anymore

Lindsay said...

This was great!! I had such a blast in college even though it was back in 2000 haha. I remember the trashy club outfits and now I can't even look at those pictures when they pop up on Timehop!!

christina @ the new mrs said...

Gosh you have me walking down memory lane now, ha! This post was great - definite grew my mexican and marge obsession in college too.

Lauren @ Genuinely Lauren said...

Margaritas and Mexican food is still apart of my life and happens on a weekly basis; but it's even better when the husband is there too :) #notevensorry

Brita Long said...

Ha, this is hilarious! I personally drank a lot more my first two years out of college than I ever did in college. I usually volunteered to DD in college (dry campus) because I was uncomfortable depending on someone else to stay sober enough to drive. But then I moved to France with its wonderful public transportation, so everyone could drink!

I disagree that your "club wear" is trashy. You look hot! There's nothing wrong with wearing sexy clothes on a night out. Just don't wear your sexy dress to most day events. ;) It's all about dressing for the occasion.