Thursday, February 2, 2017

Valentine's Gifts for Him

It is that month again where everyone is talking about love and sappy stuff, but I love Valentine's Day! This year Timmy and I are staying in for Valentine's Day, we go out  every other year and this year is the year to stay in; we went to  Flemming's last year for dinner!

Timmy and I don't do any big gifts for Valentine's Day, just the simple  DIY gifts like the " I Love You Beery Much" gift I did in 2015 or just a simple card. But if you are into the gift giving part of the Holiday, I have put together some gifts I just know your boyfriend or husband would love! And the best part, they are all under $50!

Beer Bottle Cap Holder - Every guy will love a beer bottle cap holder! It will go great in their man cave they have been dying to have or spending way too much time in!

Toiletry Bag - May not seem like a very fun gift, but it will definitely get used. This is something I want to get Timmy for our next gift giving holiday because he is always using my toiletry bag to put his stuff in!

BucketBall - This can be played anywhere and it ensures a good time! 

Mini Keg - This is perfect for the beer lover!

What kind of gifts do you and your significant other exchange?

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