Thursday, August 13, 2015

1st 5K: Color Vibe

So I have started on my running journey. I have set a few goals for myself, running goals, in my 101 in 1001 days. For example, one of them was participate in a Color Run. Well that one can be checked off my list. This past weekend I attended my FIRST and LAST (probably) Color Vibe run. 

It was an experience. It was all fun up until the race started. My friend Brittany went with me and I was so excited. I thought we would both have a fun time..we did at first. We loved throwing all the powder on us and looking colorful. But then when it was time to run we were seriously regretting it. Not because we were going to have to run but because we were sweating and this color powder was so itcy and disgusting! We ended up not running the entire thing because we felt so disgusting and I wasn't planning on running the whole thing, I knew neither Britt or myself was at that running level. So we finished the run in 41:24 with a pace of 13:34. Our time wasn't too terribly awful.

Brittany and I decided that this will probably be the last Color Run we do. If we do ever do another one we are going to our car before the race starts and wiping at least the color off of our faces. I am glad we did it and I can now check that off my bucket list!

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