Friday, August 21, 2015

How to Complete your To Do List

Sometimes my lists are so long I just give up, but when I do that the things on that list never get done. So I have found a system that helps me make sure everything gets checked off that to-do list of mine, no matter how long that list may be.

one // write everything down
If it isn't on a list it isn't going to get done. I don't just write down the big things, but the little things too. It is so rewarding to complete something and go cross it off the list. It is the little things guys and I know you know exactly what I am talking about. The more I physically cross of the list the more I actually want to complete the entire list.

two // set a reward
I don't use this technique too often, but sometimes when my list is extremely long and I don't feel motivated to get it done I will set a reward for when I finish the list. Usually my reward will be sitting on the couch and resting for 10 minutes between every few tasks. 

three // no distractions
Distractions are going to be the biggest challenges in getting things accomplished. My pup is usually my biggest distraction, she follows me every where and her sad little face when I give her no attention always gets me. Also any device that has social media is going to be a huge distraction - just put them away!

four // schedule
If you make a time frame when you want to complete your list, you can tell if you are lagging behind, right on schedule or ahead of the game completing your list. If you are lagging behind it will help you realize you need to focus better.

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