Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Why We Are Having a First Look

First looks. Some people like them, some people don't. We fall under the category of people who like them. Well I do, Timmy took a little convincing. But as soon as we knew we were going to be getting married at the Church I grew up in, I knew I wanted a first look. 

I have my reasons as to why I want to have a first look. But these reasons are just little bonus add-ons that will make the day run smoother, but they are also some of the main reasons other couples have them; so let's get to those first.

Ugly Crying. I am going to be one disaster on my wedding day, or at least I think I am. So if I have a first look with just my fiance he and the photographer will be the only ones to see my ugly cries. Also, another bonus...I can quickly touch up my makeup. I wouldn't be touching up my makeup during the ceremony.

Intimidation. I am extremely intimidated of walking down the isle and all eyes being on me. The church where we are getting married the center aisle seems like it goes on forever! But at least if we have a first look I won't be freaking out about all the guests and my fiance. Just the guests. 

Timeline. Everyone knows the day of the wedding you have a strict timeline. I love pictures so having a first look is going to give more time to take pictures before the ceremony and then after with the family and then more time to party at the reception.

Intimate. The setting is just you and your fiance, not you and everyone you invited. You can kiss him right away you don't have to wait until the officiant says you can.

Now for the biggest reason and most important reason to me and Timmy.

My mom. When my mom was alive she was Timmy and I's biggest supporter. I always dreamed of planning my wedding with my mom by my side and us arguing over the linens or the wedding colors. But, I didn't get to do any of that. My mom passed away a few months before Timmy and I got engaged. But she didn't need me to have a ring or have a ceremony or his last name for her to consider him her Son-in-Law, she already did.  My mom's ashes are in the Columbarium at the church I grew up in, which is also the Church Timmy and I are getting married at. FINGERS doesn't rain, but that is where Timmy and I will see each other for the first time on our Wedding Day along with my mom. 

Before I told Timmy the reasoning behind why I wanted a first look I couldn't convince him, but after we talked about where it would be and significance he was on board and was so excited that we were going to do it where my moms ashes were. It will be an emotional moment but it will be the most special first look for us.

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