Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Stephenson Wedding {Wedding Invitations}

Designing the wedding invitations was one of the most painful and stressful process of the wedding for me. My mom was the one who always had the creative touch and me not so much, so this decision was extremely hard for me. Before I go too much further here are a few things my invitations needed to have:

one // some sort of monogram

two // different fonts throughout the invitation

three // navy and gold to match the colors of the wedding

four // details cards and RSVP card 

five // keep it simple

Looking at this list you wouldn't think it would be too hard to find an invitation I liked. Well that wasn't the problem, I could google Monogrammed Wedding Invitation and hundreds would come up. It was the wording, the design, the color combination and the envelopes...each little thing of creating this invitation was not simple. My uncle owns a printing company so he printed the invitations for me as my gift (THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU)...invitations are expensive! 

When I finally found a style I liked I sent it over to him and gave them the wording I liked and he began creating. And here comes the first issue...and many more.

first issue // to include my mother's name on the invitation. I never went back and forth between this I was always going to put my mother's name on the invitation, however some people were torn between it. 

second issue // my main need on the invitation was a monogram...I had originally designed it with Timothy and I's new married monogram..well people told me that was wrong. They said I had to either use my monogram I had before the wedding or just use our initials. I was so mad because I didn't want to put my old monogram on it and I read up on some sites and they said the tradition is to not use the new married monogram until after the wedding but people use it all the time and it really isn't that big of a deal. So I was torn on what I should do.

third issue// when I was creating the invitation I had made it all in gray font color. It looked really nice but then when I got an actual proof in person I hate it..I was so worried about it looking too plain and being white and gray and then the envelopes being white. 

fourth issue// paper. DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE PAPER. I completely forgot about the paper and was scrambling at the end to find a paper I liked. This would have been much easier if the printing company and myself were in the same city. 

fifth issue// envelopes. also..don't forget about those. When I was designing invitation I didn't even think about envelopes or how I would address them. Luckily I had a lot of help from people and one of my good friends has a calligraphy business and came in handy! And they turned out perfect! Check her out - Lulu's Letter Co.

sixth issue// the entire RSVP was a battle with my grandmother on my moms side. I wanted a more modern and fun RSVP, but my grandmother of course wanted a more traditional elegant RSVP. I had made it to say "Raise a Glass with you" or "Toast from afar" as the accept/decline and then put a "I will dance if you play..." request on it as well. Well, she didn't like it at all. So I had to make a decision...let her win and change it to what she wants or be bold and go against her.

Now who wants to see how they turned out?

Sorry!! Gotta wait until next week! Check back in next Wednesday to see how the invitations turned out!!

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Mae Rae-MTBA said...

Oh boy, invitations were so tough for me as well! My issue was that what I wanted and saw in my head could not be translated on paper. I made mine all by myself and that was quite the chore. Typing this I am remembering all the disasters I had with invitations. My goodness I am glad that's over.

Chesson {A Southern Twenty-Five} said...

I just started the Save the Date/Invitation/Program design process and SO MANY DECISIONS! There are entirely too many options in this department so hats off to you for making all the decisions to get one that you were happy with!

Emilie from BurkeDoes said...

Ahh! I can't wait to see how they turned out!

emily @ a little bit of emily said...

Invitations are just so hard to decide on! So many little things go into them, it's hard to choose. Can't wait to see them!