Friday, January 8, 2016

52 Week Blogger Challenge {Week 1: Meet the Blogger}

Earlier this week one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah, blogged about the 52 Week Blogging Challenge she created for 2016. I think this is a great idea because sometimes I struggle to come up with topics to write about or sometimes life just gets too busy. But 2016 is a new year and I am going to attempt to complete this challenge! Join Sarah every Monday and share your posts. (I know it is Friday and I am just now posting Week One's post but I will work on it!)

WEEK ONE: Meet the Blogger

Some of you may know me and some of you may be new to my little space in the blogging world. For those of you who do not know me, my name is Ashley. I am twenty five years old and started Girl Talk a few years ago, but didn't get really into the blogging world until about a year ago. I love coffee, wine, Japanese food, Mexican food, puppies and my sweet husband. 

Here at Girl Talk you can find pretty much anything you want to read. I have posted about wedding planning, recipes, DIY, fashion, etc. I love the space I have created and love being able to write about anything and having such a wonderful support system from my readers.

My husband, Timothy, and I were married a little over a month ago...November 21 and it has been so amazing. You can catch up on all of my wedding posts here. I absolutely love being married. We got married in Raleigh, NC and honeymooned in Mexico! 

Timothy and I also have a little fur baby, named Bailey, who we love so dearly. I adopted her from the SPCA is 2011, just 2 months after Timothy and I started dating and she has been such a joy to our little family. Currently, we are considering getting another puppy in the near future...but Timothy says this one will be his hunting dog.

Well that is a little about the girl behind Girl Talk..I hope you learned a little about me! Don't forget to join Sarah every MONDAY on her 52 Week Blogging Challenge!

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