Saturday, January 2, 2016

Family Christmas Mountain Trip 2015

Every year the day after Christmas our family takes a trip to Maggie Valley/Waynesville to spend a couple days in the mountains! I love this time with my family because it is just some great quality time together and with everyone getting older who knows how many more years we will all be able to go depending on work and school. This year was so much fun just like every year!

We got down there about 3 on Saturday and unpacked and then hit the grocery store. Shopping for 10 people is hard especially when 7 out of 10 of them are boys who eat a lot, but we got it done.

By the time we got home from the grocery store it was time to eat dinner. After dinner my aunt and I got into the kitchen and began making all the food for the next day...Football Sunday. With 7 boys in the house we knew we needed a lot of food especially since we weren't going to be leaving the house at all.

After all the cooking was done we played some catch phrase and just hung around the house with some cocktails in hand.

Sunday morning we lounged around until the Carolina Panthers game started and at about 12:45pm I cracked open my first beer of the day. Before the game started we put out all the food we had cooked. We had sausage balls, chicken fingers, honey baked ham, sausage dip, chips & salsa, cheese & crackers, breakfast casserole, ham & swiss rolls & pimeno cheese dip. To say we were covered for the entire day was an understatement. 

During halftimes we went outside for some fresh air and to play Bottle Battle.Which is where you have 2 plastic bottles on 2 poles and you have to try and knock them off with a frisbee - if the other team doesn't catch one of them (bottle or frisbee) you get points.

After all the games were over we all played some LCR and I won for the very first time! I may have only won $12 but in 4 years we have been playing I usually end up losing like $50!

Monday morning Timmy, my sister and I headed down to downtown Waynesville to do a little shopping. All we left with were treats and toys for our dogs. Which Bailey hasn't destroyed yet somehow. Later that day we went bowling. Every year our family goes bowling - this is the 3rd year we have gone and the 3rd year the Chase's have lost to the Clark's in bowling.

After we lost again in bowling we headed to Asheville Brewing Company for some dinner and went home and started packing. We ended the last night with some beer pong and some quality family time before we left the next morning!

Every year I look forward to our mountain trip and I can't wait until next years!

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