Thursday, April 21, 2016

KYIStitches { Etsy Shop }

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

Since I got  married in November, I have been loving anything and everything monogrammed. I have been trying to restock up on my monogrammed items, since all of the monogrammed items I had before are of my old monogram. And because I just recently changed my name I have increasingly grown obsessed with getting everything monogrammed. And where should you go if you have an obsession with monogram. well none other than  Etsy! Etsy is like a monogram heaven for us Southern girls and I found the cutest shop, Keeping You In Stitches AKA  KYIStitches

KYIStitches has a huge variety of items to choose from and is a one stop shop for monograms and custom embroidery. One of my favorite things to shop for is home decor, send me on a target run and I will come back with something new for the house decor, I mean just the other day I was in Harris Teeter and came home with 2 pillows for our outdoor patio...can even find it at a grocery store. 

Somehow pillows have turned into my new favorite thing to purchase. They just add a special touch to the room, especially when they are  monogrammed!

This pillow cover was one of my favorite items in  KYIStitches. Its very simple yet elegant!

Before we dive more into some of my favorite items and must have monogrammed goodies, lets see how  KYIStitches started!

Girl Talk:How long have you had your store on Etsy?
KYIStitches:On Etsy since 2010.

Girl Talk: How did you come up with the name, KYIStiches?
KYIStitches:When I first opened by business in 2007, my husband came up with the name of Keeping You in Stitches, everyone loved it. Since then, a lot of other people started using the name all over the country. So I have shortened it to KYIStitches or KYIS.

Girl Talk:What is your favorite item in your store?
KYIStitches:My favorite item would have to be my  pillow wraps that I make myself. I just love the idea of being able to add a splash of color to my decor without having to purchase a whole new bed set.

A photo posted by Keeping You In Stitches (@kyistitches) on

Girl Talk:What is your best selling item?
KYIStitches:My best selling item would be my  Lilly applique monogram tanks (I BOUGHT ONE & LOVE IT) and my monogram  seersucker make up bags. There are both very popular for wedding party gifts.

Girl Talk: Do you have any new product ideas you might start selling?
KYIStitches:I always have so many new ideas, so much so, it sometimes takes me awhile to place them on Etsy. My next item that I will be offering will be satin or waffle weave bath robes that will be monogrammed.

Girl Talk: Anything else you would like to share with us?
KYIStitches:I started this business in 2007, because I loved to make things for my girls and their friends. I do a lot of items for cheer teams, fishing teams and other businesses. I always tell my customers if they don't see it on the site, contact us and we will see if we can make it for you.

Lately, everyone is wearing converses again. I even bought myself 2 pairs of  converses last November. But the next big thing with converses are the monogrammed ones!

Obsessed with Lilly Pulitzer like I am? As soon as I saw these  Lilly Pulitzer inspired key chains, I knew I had to have one!

A photo posted by Keeping You In Stitches (@kyistitches) on

I have been loving all my items from KYIStitches, I have gotten all of them so fast I was able to enjoy them sooner than expected! As I mentioned before, I bought the Lilly Monogrammed Tank and it will be making its debut this weekend at the lake!! Be sure to follow me on  Instagram to see what color I picked!

Also be sure to follow KYIStitches on their social media outlets -  Instagram and Facebook for giveaways and new items! 

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candy said...

Love the pillow wraps and the key chains.

Bekah Loves Blog said...

oooh, I'm not a big monogram person, but the tank is too cute!

The Lowcountry Mama said...

I literally never saw monograms until I moved to the south in college- they're so pretty. This shop is so cute just added her to my Etsy favorites!

Anonymous said...

These are so cute! I've never heard of them before but I love them!

Unknown said...

It's like a Southern Girl's right of passage to monogram everything. Now that i'm married i'm obsessed with monogramming everything. Those pillow wraps are adorable! I need one or six ;)

Unknown said...

KYIStitches is one of my favorite shops! So creative and the workmanship is excellent!

Leah McPherson said...

I'm loving the pillow wraps! I definitely need to check her out! -xx Leah || Chasing Texas

Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

oh girl! You know I am all over these monograms! I am jumping over to her Easy shop now!