Thursday, May 5, 2016

3rd 5K: Water for People 5K

In 2015 I set some  running goals for myself for 2016. 2016 didn't start off to the best running year, seeing as I didn't run my first 5k until this past weekend but so far I am off to a better running year than I was last year. I have now participated in 1/2 the amount of races I participated in  last year...a whopping 2 races!! 

Unfortunately I had planned to run in a 5K on April 16 but my friend who planned to run with me ended up not being able to and then my foot started hurting really bad from wearing some too flat shoes on Thursday. So this race was supposed to be my 2nd in 2016 but ended up being my first!

Like I said in my Weekend Recap, Timmy and I woke up early this past Saturday to run this 5K. I was a little worried about the weather the night before because it was calling for rain throughout the day, but when we woke up it was just misting which it did throughout the morning and the race. Luckily it was on the American Tobacco Trail and covered from trees so we didn't feel the mist at all.

Once we were checked into the race, we stretched and I kept telling Timmy how nervous I was. Since this was my first 5k of the year and the first one since  September I was a little nervous because I was no where in the shape I have been in the past and it showed throughout the race.

When the race started we stayed in the back because I knew I wasn't going to be able to run the entire race, let alone probably even one whole mile (I know, sad...but I am working on it). We ran almost a mile before I had to start walking and then it became a run a little, walk a little type of 5K. My legs were jello and I was regretting ever signing up for the race. I really haven't been running that much lately and it showed. But we finished the race in under 40 minutes and I was proud I finished it.

I told Timmy that I wasn't going to sign up for another 5K until I could run majority of it without having to stop because Timmy is always my 5K partner and he can go run a 5K without ever running, myself on the other hand may need to start the couch to 5K program again.

Final Results
Watch Time: 39:31
Pace: 12:11

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