Friday, May 20, 2016

Book Review { Call Me! }

Here I am, bringing you another cheap book from the iBooks library. This book was OK. Just like most of the free books. I decided to read it because the book I was currently reading was taking me awhile and I needed to switch it up a little.

Synopsis: In this first book of a brand new series by Dani Ripper and New York Times Best Selling author, John Locke, a young, beautiful private detective is determined to find the infamous killer, ManChild. To support herself while searching, our plucky detective works as a decoy, helping jealous wives and fiancés determine if their men are likely to cheat.

This definitely wasn't a  Gone Girl type thriller but it did have a little mystery, the story is about Danni trying to find a murderer and the plot takes a twist towards the end you would have never seen coming. It was an easy fast read for me, which I liked because it kept me interested. The only issue I had with it was that you didn't find out a lot about Danni's past that is mentioned so much throughout the story. Overall it was a decent book and I am going to read the next book that follows this, Promise You Won't Tell.

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