Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lilly Bean Monograms { Etsy Shop }

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

I don't know about you but ever since I got married in November last year I have been wanting everything Mrs. to show off that I am now a Mrs! I have absolutely loved being married for these past few months and it has been such a blessing to share my life and every moment with my best friend and soul mate!

Most mornings I need some coffee. I try not to drink so much coffee because when I drink coffee I put a lot of sugar and cream in it, don't give me just that plain black coffee. But with our 6 month anniversary coming up on Saturday this coffee mug is the perfect cup to use! I have been using it a lot and I just love everything relating to weddings, especially everything that has "wifey" or "Mrs" on it!

Girl Talk: How long have you had your store on Etsy?
Hannah: I opened my Etsy store on a whim in January of this year (2016), aftr much support from my husband and in-laws.

Girl Talk: How did you come up with the name, Lilly Bean Monograms?
Hannah: My husband and I got a chocolate lab puppy for Christmas this past year and her name is Lilly Bean and I thought it was such a sweet way to incorporate my little furbaby on this journey with my Etsy shop.

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item in your store?
Hannah: I love my Mrs. mug!! As a newlywed, every time I use this mug I feel absolutely fabulous and smitten with my new hubby!

Girl Talk: What is your best selling item?
Hannah: Believe it or not, my best selling item is my  Bass Fish Monogram decal. I'd like to think this is because so many sweet ladies out there are buying their sweeties decals for their Yeti tumblers.

Girl Talk: Do you have any new product ideas you might start selling?
Hannah: I've recently been toying with the idea of making simple monogram onesies for babies, sports related monogram decals and monogram cutting boards. All works in progress, but I'm always accepting custom orders!

Girl Talk: Anything esle you would like to share with us?
Hannah: I decided to start my Etsy shop because I've always been a creative person, but I've never really had an outlet. I considered opening an Etsy shop and my kind husband pushed me into believing I could this and has been such a huge support through me opening my shop. (I may even have him help set up my work stations on our kitchen table each night so I don't have to carry everything back and forth myself- y'all, he's a said I tell you!)

In honor of our 6 month anniversary coming up, I am going to be giving away a Mrs. mug to one of my readers!! Be sure to enter the giveaway below. It will run until Saturday the 20th and the winner will be announced next week! I will contact the winner to get their information!! 

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Be sure to check out some of Hannah's other items in her Etsy Store!

What are some of your favorite items in  Lilly Bean Monograms?

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Esther Freedman said...

So funny, I am kind of the anti-monogram person... even with 2 girls, I never get anything with their names/initials on it. I love that mug though, so cute!

Candace Kage said...

That mug is adorable, really like the mailbox.

Hannah Johnson said...

Love the post!! Thank you so much for featuring my Etsy shop on your cute blog!! :)

Leslie Wilkie (PeachyKeen32) said...

I love everything monogrammed. My mom just bought a cricut so i'm sure i'll be monogramming everything. I've never thought about the mailbox monogram. I love the mug! Thank you for this giveaway. I'll be shopping soon!

Sarah Ricker: Sarah Emily Blogs said...

eek you know this is right up my alley! I love love love monogram anything and especially goodies to show off my new relationship status! What a neat shop!

Rachel Gault said...

What a fun store! I love shopping on Etsy!

Mistle Petrey said...

Etsy is such a weakness for me! I literally spend hours on there at times looking at stuff. I will def have to check out this shop!

Ayesha Heart said...

I love Etsy! They have the cutest stuff in the world ha-ha :D Now I'm tempted to browse it again :)