Monday, May 9, 2016

Weekend Recap { Mother's Day }

This weekend was a busy one. We were in Atlantic Beach with my moms side of the family celebrating Mother's Day.

This is the second  Mother's Day without my mom and although it was hard it was nice to be surrounded my others who loved her.

Friday night Timmy and I headed down to AB after work. It was an easy drive but we couldn't decide what we wanted to eat, we desperately wanted to find a Mexican restaurant since we didn't get to enjoy Mexican food on Cinco de Mayo but we never found one until after we were starving and gave into stopping at Bojangles. We got to AB around 9 and visited with the family and then went to bed, we were exhausted.

Saturday morning we woke up to the sound of the ocean and it was amazing, so calm and relaxing. Went over to my grandmas condo to eat breakfast then went on a little walk on the beach!

After our walk, we went back to the condo to get ready. Unfortunately I left my Sunday dress back at home in Raleigh (I didn't do it on purpose, even though all my family said I did for a reason to shop) so we decided to go into Beaufort to do some shopping and look for something for me to wear for Mothers Day lunch. While we were in Beaufort we walked around the waterfront and came across a boat building competition. It was pretty neat to watch them all build a boat from scratch! We also stumbled our way into an old wooden boat show!

After finally finding a shirt for Mothers Day we decided it was time for a drink and some lunch. Last time we were at AB we tried to have lunch at the  Ruddy Duck Tavern but it was packed, but luckily this time it wasn't so we got to enjoy some delicious food! I got the Nachos and Timmy got a French Dip and he said it was the best he had ever had! 

We had full bellies and I was exhausted so we went back to the condo, I sat on the porch for a little and read until I couldn't keep my eyes open and took a little nap before dinner. The whole family went out to The Sanitary and then came home to have birthday cake for my cousin. After a full day of shopping and a lot of food, Timmy was exhausted and almost fell asleep at my grandmas!

Sunday we woke up, relaxed a little until our lunch at the Coral Bay Club at 11:30. They had buffet for Mothers Day with tons of different food choices to choose from. 

Again with full bellies, we made the trip back home to Raleigh to go see Timmys grandma. And then we ended the night with ordering some take out with my dad and relaxing at his house. So we had a full packed weekend, and the next few weekends will continue to be full with Graduation parties and weddings! Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!

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