Friday, June 24, 2016

Our Little Slice of Heaven { Etsy Shop }

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I received a product in exchange for this post. All reviews and opinions are my own.

Now that the summer weather is here, it was 100 degrees yesterday, all I want to be wearing are tanks and bathing suits! Even to work! Luckily I work in a pretty relaxed environment so if I wanted to wear a casual tank top to work I can.

Our Little Slice of Heaven has some cute tank tops like the one above. I love slipping into this cozy little thing to run errands, relax at the house and work out. It describes me perfectly because almost 100% of the time I will not leave the house without at least putting mascara on and I love love love my coffee in the mornings!

I think everyone will agree this  shirt is amazing. I mean who doesn't love Netflix!!

Headed to the lake or beach this summer?  This would be a perfect cover up over your bikini! I am thinking of snagging this for my many trips to the lake! 

All the new rave are these  SIC Cups, I am just dying to buy that carolina blue one! An then monogram it! #perfection

I got to virtually sit down with the owner of Our Little Slice of Heaven, Emily Allison, and asked her some questions about her Etsy shop.

Girl Talk: Tell us a little about yourself.
Emily Allison: My name is Emily Allison and my husband and I run our business together, from our home workshop. We have been married almost 8 years and have two beautiful daughters who help us daily with the business. It's truly a family affair! We have always loved to create things together and work really well together. We balance each other out and have a lot of fun when we are working.

Girl Talk: How long have you had your store on Etsy?
Emily Allison: We have had our store for a few years but with our daughters a little older now we are just finding some time to really focus on it and offer new items.

Girl Talk: How did you come up with the name, Our Little Slice of Heaven?
Emily Allison: The name of our shop came about when my husband and I decided to start pursuing our interests in crafting and design. We have always loved to craft and create together but had only created things for friends and family. While working on some gifts one evening we started to talk about taking our hobby to the next level and that owning our own design and crafting business would be heaven to us. Eventually I came up with Our Little Slice of Heaven, because that's what we are ultimately creating for ourselves and our family with our business.

Girl Talk: What is your favorite item in your store?
Emily Allison: My favorite item in our store right now is the  Take Me Home tank. I'm a born and raised West Virginia gal so this tank was really a special project for me.

Girl Talk: What is your best selling item?
Emily Allison: Our best selling item is definitely our  All I Need is Coffee and Mascara tops. The saying has been around and is something I have always said to my husband - I could survive on a deserted island with coffee and mascara!

Girl Talk: Do you have any new product ideas you might start selling?
Emily Allison: We are slowly, but surely, working on LOTS of new designs and items for our store. We will be introducing dozens of new shirt and mug designs as well as new choices of apparel for those items! With summer hear we are also working on lots of beachwear!

What are some of your favorite items in the  shop?

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Amber Hillis said...

Coffee and Mascara,Yes please!! That SIC cup is great! I almost considered getting one,but then I realized my collection of travel mugs is going to fall out of my cupboard if I get anymore.

Rebecca Hicks said...

These tanks are ADORABLE! I love the coffee and mascara tank... That would be perfect for a lazy Saturday morning.

EmilyBends said...

I love the shirts. They are so cute and exceedingly appropriate.

Breharne said...

Love the Happy Life Happy Wife mug! It's well and truly winter now in Australia though so my tank tops have long been packed up *sigh*.

Ashley Lee said...

Just favorited the shop on Etsy! I love the tanks!

adriana nudo said...

I LOVE those shirts, they are just too cute!